Google was accused of disrespect of the secrecy of correspondence of its users

Google neglects the secret correspondence of its customers, is preparing to release a deliberately unprotected messenger Chat, I’m sure Joe Vestbi, the technology expert of the human rights organization Amnesty International. The search giant even admits that the correspondence of users of the new service will not be protected end-to-end encryption because of the peculiarities of the RCS Protocol that ensures message delivery.

“Having made the decision to start the messaging service without end-to-end encryption, Google has demonstrated a clear and blatant contempt for the privacy of Android users said Vestbi. Thus [Google] has made an invaluable gift to criminals and spies from the government, giving them access to the correspondence”.

Seemingly perplexed Vestbi, after the scandal with the leak of user data Facebook Google ought to attend to the security of their customers ‘ data, but the company thought it was unnecessary. Such irresponsibility, continues the human rights activist, is absolutely incompatible with the right to privacy of correspondence.

The use of end-to-end encryption instant messenger does not allow to intercept the messages in the time between their dispatch and receipt. Thanks to the encryption keys stored at the sender and the recipient, an attacker can obtain access to the correspondence only if you physically take possession of one of the devices.

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