Google will add to Android the ability to quickly transfer data on iPhone, watch and laptop

With the development of instant messaging and cloud services, the issue of data transmission between smartphones ceased to be so acute as before. After all, why reinvent the wheel when you can just throw a file in the chat, regardless of its volume, or share a link to the download from the cloud. It got to the point that even Google removed from the Android support file sharing over NFC for Android Beam, because they considered it useless for most users. That’s just from the idea of development of technology of wireless data transmission, the search giant has never refused.

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To replace ordered to live long Android Beam, Google decided to implement in Android a feature called Fast Share. Its main purpose is to transfer data from one device to another wirelessly. For her work does not require NFC, which is still equipped with not all machines, but rather a Bluetooth module that is at all. But, unlike the standard technique of transferring data by Bluetooth, Fast Share can boast more high speed connections and support a wide range of gadgets.

How to transfer data from Android to iPhone

Judging by the description of the technology, this most Google Fast Share works with Android phones and Chromebook, iPhone and even smart hours on the basis of the Wear OS. To establish a connection, you must activate the function, enter in the dialog the device name of the opponent and bring them toward each other. At this moment on the screen of the second device of the pair will appear asking you to confirm the pairing and accept the file.

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In fact, Fast Share is analogous to AirDrop from Apple, except the cross-platform and need to keep the device in close proximity to each other. Despite the fact that support Fast Share while Android is only present in Q, there is a high probability that Google will make it available on devices with earlier OS versions. The easiest way to do this by embedding its service in Google Play Services.

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