Google will be about the price of Google Stadia, the materials of its launch, the games available soon

Google Stadia

The company Google in the month of March has officially unveiled broadcast platform cloud gaming Google Stadia. The organization will be able to run all sorts of games on high-performance servers streaming games directly to any device connected to the internet fast enough.

Now, the official account for Google Stadia on the Twitter published a tweet stating that the product is almost ready to start work. It should be noted that it was basically the design of this product to game developers who want to create games you don’t need to, it is improved for the devices low potential, and thus the abolition of restrictions for Game Developers. Will be launching this service with Controller WiFi especially which relate directly to the internet to evaluate response time.

There are still a lot of questions that are not answered until now about Google Stadia, which are questions we hope to answer us about Google in the near future, including the prices and games that will be available to play on the House.

When Google detects Google Stadia, explained to us the company they will be flying in ” later this year “. Maybe reveal to US company Google for all of this information in its annual International E3 2019 to be held in day 11 of June next.


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