Google will be the future of augmented reality games phones conference GDC 2018

Will host Google on March 19, the day of the developers of Google during the Game Developers Conference GDC 2018, which will be dedicated to the developers of the company to review the latest of what they got to him in the development of gaming smartphones. During the past year focused Google to increase the profits of the games by visiting the advertising services and increase the number of participants in the games, but in this year of the decision to focus the company significantly expanded the range of games for smartphones, as well as to review the experiences of augmented reality technology AR, and finally will discuss the company’s possibility to expand the user base in emerging countries. The day after the developers of Google, the company will hold other events within the Game Developers Conference in the period between 21 to 23 March, will be able to all of the participants in the GDC 2018 to attend, will also broadcast events live on the internet. Source: Android Developers Blog

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