Google will become the problem of facial recognition in phones pixels 4

After the launch of the phone the Google Pixel 4 and phone the Google Pixel 4XL find out millions of devices to facial recognition technology found in the phones operate even with eyes closed this is an honest mistake by Google, as well as being a security problem already.

After the reaction is violent and acute of by reviewers and tech sites declared Google it would become such a problem through the update will be launched for consumers so after days of asking the phone in the markets.

Confirmed with Google that the update which will be released for the pixels 4 and the Pixel 4XL will evaluate the face recognition option to unlock the screen you must look at the screen and open your eyes this is the natural choice available in a lot of devices that support this technology .

Even then recommends Google million pixel 4 and Pixel-4XL maintain their phones in a safe place when you sleep!!


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