Google will bring the feature to identify songs in the voice search

قوقل تجلب ميزة التعرف على الأغاني في البحث الصوتي - Google Music Recognition

Artificial intelligence techniques developed by Google every day and include them with her voice or the search engine a lot, very useful, therefore, remains the first company in this area and by far the vast despite many competitors, and is another feature that relies on artificial intelligence offered by the company; is acquainted songs through voice search.

The water is very easy, when you play a song or a clip of it and to get her name or her link, all you have to do is run a search, Google Voice, and then after 8-10 seconds of listening and selecting “what’s this song?” Of the proposed options, the search will give you the link.

قوقل تجلب ميزة التعرف على الأغاني في البحث الصوتي - Google Music Recognition

Was Google have added a feature to the Now Playing to the phone Pixel 2 in 2017 for the images but for a limited number of them, but now with the updated voice search, any user can enjoy the water with ease.

It can be said that this feature will somehow or another way for users to Shazam to identify the songs which bought by Apple at the end of 2017.

Although the company determined that it was still in its infancy and needs for development, but it’s okay, it Google for to be in the beginning it’s going to mean something big anyway compared to different companies.

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