Google will bring the feature voice translation for Google Maps on the platform Android and iOS

Google Maps - Android 10

Is the map service Google Maps is one of the most important property of any traveler in a foreign country, but this service is now about to be realized. The company has added a new feature to next to the name of the place of destination which will be your name or listed You Out Loud, which helps the tourists to get there is easier than ever.

You will have knowledge of Foreign on the icon of magnifier a little voice will read the site, will also be visited to get more promotions if you want to continue the conversation with the locals. In order to work, you must first update the app then the site must be in a language different from the language your phone is set on.


Discover a technique to convert text to speech automatically what must be translated. To get additional subtitles, will open the application of Google Translate on the spot, but for that to happen, it must be installed, because Google stopped install it on many phones that have apps own maps.

Support this new feature 50 different languages will be available on both the platforms Android and iOS.


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