Google will charge fees on manufacturers of Android devices to use its applications in Europe

Google Pixel 3 XL

Android is open source operating system which means that it is available for use free of charge, this explains the popular system and why many companies decided to use it in smartphones and its other mobile. However, it seems that things will change in Europe where will begin the Google company to impose fees on manufacturers of Android devices versus using their own applications.

This comes in the wake of the decision by the European Commission in July last, where it imposed a fine on Google of $ 5 billion for violating antitrust laws after it turns out that Google imposes on manufacturers of Android devices include Google Chrome and its applications in other organs of those companies in case if they want to use the Google Play Store. It was only logical that Google do it because they want to clearly in the use of the users of its services, but it seems that it is not viewed that positively.

The end result is that Google will get money from manufacturers for Android devices if it wants to include Google apps on its smart phones. As it will be after now embed Google Chrome browser in Android, which means that if the company wanted manufacturers remove the browser Google Chrome for browsers, you’ll be able to do so. However, if those companies want to embed Google apps such as Gmail and Play Store and YouTube, etc. from other apps in its devices, it will be fought under the license agreement.

These changes huge in fact, as explained by the site The Verge, it was Google asking the companies that use Google Play Store to create devices that include this store only. However, this new situation means that companies can choose to create phones that use the Google Play Store, and at the same time using the same device but with a modified version of Android similar phone Amazon Fire Phone in Europe.

Imagine that this will help in the development, although we’re not sure if Android need hash most of those that live their currently.


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