Google will charge up to $ 40 for every Android phone sold in the EU

You know Google several months ago to the largest fine received by the company in the case of monopoly valued at approximately US $ 5 billion imposed by the European Union for the exercise of the monopoly and harm competition through the Android operating system.

According to Google at that time this fine Mega warned then that the Android system may not remain free forever, but her direct response was on 16 October when the American company giant to amend the terms of the licenses to use certain applications in the countries of the European Union confirmed that it will finance charges on the manufacturers of smart phones in exchange for allowing him to use package, its main applications, including Play Store, but did not disclose the value of these fees.

A new report published by website The Verg today said that Google will charge Financial on the manufacturers of smart phones worth up to about $ 40 for every smartphone running Android are sold within the EU.

According to the report, these fees vary, calculate the density of the pixels in the screen of the smartphone, will be as follows:

  • $ 40 for each smart phone contains a pixel density of over 500 pixels per inch.
  • $ 20 for any smart phone that range, the pixel density of its between 400 and 500 pixels per inch.
  • $ 10 for each smart phone does not increase the number of pixels in which about 399 pixels per inch.
  • 2.5 $ for smartphones from the low category in some European countries.

This fee is the value of the license the package includes all Google apps, including YouTube and play gym and the maps with the exception of the Chrome browser and Google Search, where you can for smartphone manufacturers to install the application Chrome and in advance. In the case of choosing any company not to include the Chrome browser in any smart phone sold in the European Economic Area, it means that this company will not get its share of the profits resulting from the application of Chrome and with Google.

All these new terms will come into effect starting from the month of February 2019.

What do you think of these new rules and see their affect on the spread of Android smart phones in Europe? Share your opinion in the comments.

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