Google will give priority to entries news first in the search results

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Given the extent of dependence of people on the Google search engine, It is not surprising that the search engine Google has a lot of influence over publishers and what is displayed in the search results. This has led to the implementation of the Google policy of ” first click free ” which was later abandoned, a policy where he was on the publishers to provide three free articles at least a day before to force users to pay to read the content of the other.

As we have said, has been to abandon this policy at a later time, it seems that in trying to please publishers, it was explained the site Bloomberg recently that the Google search engine give priority to entries news search results. This means that if you subscribe to subscription service, such as the Financial Times or The Wall Street Journal, you will receive news from those services first in your search results.

This is aimed at helping media companies in finding the readers who pay and maintain them. After all, why continue to pay a subscription for the web site, if news of the proposed it in the Google search engine submit Web sites offering free content is similar, isn’t it? Not activate this feature until now because the site Bloomberg says it’s expected to reveal the company Google about the details in a special event will be held in the capital Economic of America New York on March 20.

It is also expected to reveal the company Google for more information to publishers about what they are most likely to buy subscriptions, allowing publishers to target potential customers better.



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