Google will give users a new tool to protect themselves

Google wants to provide additional means for control of the amount of data collected branded services. This is stated in the corporate blog by the search giant. The future tool will allow users to view and erase Google history web browser, information about the routes in Google Maps, search queries in Google Play Music, YouTube, and other applications involving the handling of information that may be relevant to their safety.

The planned innovations will appear in every app regardless of the operating system for which they are intended. In other words, the owners of devices on iOS and Android alike will be able to control the search giant to gather information about yourself. This will allow you to limit the appearance in your feed ads, which are based on information gleaned by advertisers of the used applications and services, as is done now.

What data Google collects

According to representatives of Google, the release of new tools of control will take place in early 2019. By the time developers rely as fully as possible to study their functionality, making them truly effective means of ensuring privacy.

The emergence of applications and services Google of constraints that impede the collection of information may be due to several factors. The first is the adoption of the new law on personal data protection in Europe, also known as the GDPR. It requires companies with access to user data, to provide the full report and oblige her to remove them upon request. Second — Google is unwittingly afraid of large-scale leaks have repeatedly occurred, such market players like Facebook and WhatsApp. Such cases not only attract the attention of the competent authorities, but also reduce the credibility of the affected products.

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