Google will help its audio extensions allows for several orders at the same time

قوقل ستزود مساعدها الصوتي بإضافات تسمح بالقيام بعدة أوامر بنفس الوقت

According to TechCrunch , Google is working on to provide her voice with additional capabilities to facilitate receiving commands from the user thereby focusing on a range of applications within the one voice command, and also make improvements to the services broadcast and communicate via phone and plugin Audio Home Google Home.

Speaking on the implementation of the plugin several requests within one voice command, any user can build a voice command of its own will in a number of events attached to the driving assistance control automatically, let’s make it more obvious you can build a voice command when you go to sleep by saying “Hey Google, I’m going to sleep” so that they are parts of the smart home and other connected Google Home which in turn will turn off the light and TV as well as lock the doors, and other settings have already been allocated by the user with the order to inform him to go to sleep for example.

As for the update on the broadcasting services will enable the user to send a voice message to help household which is out of the house or in other words through the course of the Google on his phone, thus will you have the receiving the voice message at home will be for the authority a voice message also with a verbal description, can be stated to the letter after saying the opening phrase “Hey Google, broadcast” so that it will respond in a similar way all the “Hey Google, reply,” in the beginning and naturally.

In addition to the needs Assistant Google on the number of the last voice command-added mute enable silent mode for all phones in the house associated with the Google Home through the accounts of the Gmail, the possibility to quickly check the operating and reading either speed up or slow down when the fish services broadcast via the plugin home.

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