Google will help you practice the language in the search results

It might be difficult for you to pronounce words in other languages, especially with the presence of linguistic rules scattered in the English language such as. So, you will help Google on the English practice is currently through the search results on smart phones, that support is added the Spanish language at a later time.

When looking in Google for a way to pronounce the word “Hello” for example, you’ll see now, I visited the icon mic, which light the fuse it will help you to pronounce words correctly and practice the language, plus give you tips on how to improve pronunciation.

This feature is turned on currently with another utility provides images for comparison when searching for the translation of the word. So if you look up the word “Hello” and their pronunciation, you’ll also get images to welcome to the side of translation, to help you understand the meaning of the word.

These features are useful, despite the fact that the practice of pronunciation and language practice in general may need more work.

Source: Google

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