Google will help you to prepare your videos to social networking

Are you familiar with situation when you want to post in Instagram video, and it doesn’t fit the vertical format of stories or the square format of the main ribbon? Everyone who got into this situation, understand that the process of adaptation was turned in the quest yet. On the one hand, you can reduce it and frame fit completely, but then lost its appeal, and it will look like a “crutch”. Sometimes in such situations, the users make a copy of the video or just keep in mind what they shoot him, and immediately think how to hold the smartphone to get the correct result. Google took care of that and everything would be okay and free.

Crop frame will now be easier than ever.

How to crop video

This applies not only to placement in Instagram. Has its own characteristics and TikTok, and other similar sites. All this really clashes with the main rule of normal video. TV level, monitor level, the vision person’s peripheral. Therefore, it is necessary to shoot video horizontally. So it will be significantly easier to watch on any screen.

In any case, as you try not to, but always shoot video in the correct orientation on all occasions does not work, and to properly trim, you can find special program or do it in a video editor.

Doing so manually is not very easy.

On the creation of such programs and editors work a team. Among them there are even Adobe. They all strive to make this process as simple as possible, and even better — all automatic. Now with its decision “pulled up” Google.

Ah, that's it... the developers of the apps from Google Play deceive you

The decision of its developers allows you to crop video to the desired format automatically, and even has an open source code that will use the development to anyone who wants. App developers can even integrate such a tool into their products.

What AutoFlip

The new platform has been called AutoFlip, and its task, as mentioned above, is automatic reformatting of the video without user intervention. For that used machine learning, which allows the system to understand where the person is or where the main action takes place. Then, for the height is taken of the original frame height and width is determined by the proportions desired frame with its aspect ratio. Truncates the rest.

So it works in AutoFlip.

This is something like the stabilization feature that allows you to move the final image left or right within the source to the main action did not fall out of sight.

Once AutoFlip will be public, users will get different presets depending on their needs. You can choose what you need and to do it with just one roller. That is, not perezhimaya video every time to get the material to embed in all social networks.

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When will AutoFlip

Work on the processing algorithms has not yet been completed, but it is. Moreover, Google is not against participation in the improvement of third-party developers and professionals in the field of video. The source code is open and anyone has access to it, subject to relevant qualifications.

When AutoFlip is brought to mind, it will hurt developers of apps that offer solutions in this direction. As a rule, they are inferior to this promising development, but still cost money. Because of this, they’ll definitely lose, if not all, then certainly many of their clients. Especially hard hit will be the case if the algorithm will work with a photo. But what to do? Users are now demanding, and the competition spares no one. But this proves once again that we from it only will win.

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