Google will make it easier to subscribe to the paid edition

A Google account can now be used not only to identify web sites, but also for subscription to the paid online edition. It follows from the materials of the official blog the search giant. Service users will have the opportunity to manage your subscriptions directly, and also to see your favorite publications in the top search queries.

A subscription is the best a chance to show how much you appreciate and trust the content that they publish the newspaper, says Jim Albrecht, Director of Google product. But as the number of purchased season tickets grows, management becomes more and more difficult. The new initiative by Google will allow you to comfortably interact with all subscriptions that you have.

Service Subscribe with Google is an extremely useful and handy tool not only for users but also for publishers. Users who have subscription with Google account in search queries in the first place will be given the articles of those publications to which they subscribed. It is expected that this method of promotion content will soon be able to attract new resources.

At the moment the desire of Google to create a single hub subscription management supported such publications as The New York Times, Washington Post, Financial Times, La Figaro and dozens of others. Initially to take advantage of the subscription service, Google will be able to only residents of North and South America and some European countries. When the product gets to Russia, is still unknown.

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