Google will manage the tabs in Chrome to a new level

Google Chrome, for all its faults like excessive Jora RAM and the increased load that it has on the CPU – megaudobnaya browser. As such it not only extensions that competitors have copied, but a menu of experimental features, often able to bring the convenience and security of using Chrome on a qualitatively new level. But not always what is already sewn into the default browser, enough to users considered it the best of the best. So from time to time Google releases updates to Chrome and expands its functionality.

In Google Chrome there is a handy control unit tabs

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Google is preparing a major update to the desktop version of Chrome that are guaranteed to change the performance of users from the easy management of running tabs. The company’s developers have come up with to add to the browser interface dropdown carousel with thumbnails of open web pages that can be called when you hover over the unit tab located at the top. Thus it will be possible to see not only the name of the open site, now, but and its contents. This will make managing the open sites more visible, which is especially useful when open many tabs and their description will not fit on the screen. However, in Safari on iOS and macOS, this function is for a long time, so it is strange that Google was smart enough to copy it so late.

Update Google Chrome

Now Google is testing the function drop-down menu tabs just for the operating system Chrome OS, however, according to the developers, soon it will appear in the browser version for Windows and Linux. But about macOS yet says nothing. It is possible to optimize the innovation platform from Apple developers Google need more time. However, it is possible that at the time of the official launch of the new feature, the terms of which have not been disclosed, it will be available for all desktop operating systems at once.

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The decision of Google to make the tabs clear bole, of course, deserves respect, especially when you consider how convenient the new implementation. However, Chrome already has a semblance of this feature, and hiding it – where you would think – in menu with experimental new features. However, the existing regime only allows you to view the contents of each tab separately, which can also be quite comfortable, despite the fact that the popup window opens the carousel with thumbnails from all tabs and allows you to change some of their seats for more comfortable interaction.

How to enable tab previews in Chrome

  • To activate the preview tab in Chrome, navigate to chrome://flags;
  • In the search bar enter Tab Hover Images;

Thumbnails of tabs in Chrome were before. Here’s how to turn them on

  • In the drop down box next to the parameter with this name, select Enabled;
  • Restart your browser by pressing the Relaunch button that appears at the bottom of the screen.

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From now on you will be able to view thumbnails of every open tab on hover the mouse pointer over them. This action will be accompanied by the appearance of a small window with the contents of running the web pages, thus allowing you to comfortably navigate the large number of sites, if you are accustomed to simultaneously use dozens of tabs. But if you don’t like the look of miniatures, you can substitute the pop-up website names by activating the option Tab Hover Cards.

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