Google will raise the curtain on the service to broadcast live games within the activities of the developers conference next March

قوقل سترفع الستار عن خدمة بث مباشر للألعاب ضمن فعاليات مؤتمر المطورين مارس المقبل

Began Google send a call for media competent to attend the developers conference on March 19, the next entitled her letter that “all will be revealed”, where he is expected to reveal a giant of technology services to broadcast games within the project the live broadcast of our “Project Stream” .

Where the company has worked during the last six months on the streaming service direct to the games allowed the pilot access to the game Assassin’s Creed Odyssey to users through the Chrome browser.

To show that Google is leaving developers conference as an opportunity to reveal more details about it and to clarify its next moves in order to make its streaming service games integrated support of a large number of games available across different platforms to say the least.

It is noteworthy that the expansion of the broadcasting of the Games noted a great interest from Amazon, Microsoft is also expected to launch recent experiences serve xClould at the end of the year, with a weighting of their access to the public with the next version for Xbox in 2020.

To become competitive in this field more virulent certainly with the breadth and diversity of services broadcast games for the tech giant taking into account that my company, Nvidia and Sony have effective services to broadcast games directly over the internet at the present time.

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