Google will remove the app for offline access to Gmail. What to do?

Days earlier, Google announced the imminent closure of the application Inbox. It turned out that this is not the only product, which intends to withdraw the company. It turned out that the 3 December 2018 it will delete the Offline Gmail app for Chrome that allows you to read previously accepted by mail without Internet connection.

The reason for this decision was the futility of application, since the new web version of Gmail supports offline viewing by default. In particular, we are talking about the letters that came in the mail during the Internet accessible for up to 90 days. Adopted by mail can be read, for example, where Network access is unstable.

To enable offline access to Gmail, you need to go to your mail settings and go to the tab “Offline”. After activating the “Enable offline mail access”, the service will retain all emails for a specified period of time in the computer’s memory. In connection with the risk of leaving sensitive data on someone else’s machine, you cannot use offline mode on public computers is not recommended.

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