Google will resume the Project Jacquard to produce clothing the smart

Announced Google for the first time about the Project Jacquard in the year 2015, which was a platform for clothes smart and able to carry out some orders and instructions have already been launching products working with this technique, which is the coat of the clothing business Levi which was put on the market in 2017.

This coat -or jacket – it allows you to wipe your hands on knowledge to move on to the next song or accept an incoming call you or to move it backwards to do the opposite of these processes although this exhibition is no longer sold anymore but Google didn’t give up on this project apparently.

In order to understand the story, The Project Jacquard depends on the small piece is fastened in the clothing, which will contain most of the electronic components in a piece of “smart” clothes that apparently for working on a new design for this widget is this:

The new design comes in a smaller size than the old one where it is almost in the size of the SD card as it shipped using الـpins magnetic phenomenon in front of you in the picture. The smaller sized this will provide Jackquard to be available in a broader range of clothing products and wearable which is what happened so that the first product supports the new technology has been announced a backpack from the brand Saint Laurent will be available at a price of 995 USD which is the price of non-logical of course.

This price is not high just because of new technology it is so because the brand itself is a luxury, hand it has confirmed Google to CNET that this technology won’t be exclusive only for luxury but will also be available in the products available.

Coupled hardware the new God has also re-designed the application Jackquard for smart phones which shows us that Google takes this seriously, it is very important in the new app is that your clothes are smart will also support the assistant to Google profile!

If you would like to review the new app is on the following link, on the other hand we must mention that the teacher that we mentioned in the beginning of the news was to support the process of washing and only ten times, that is, it would be the coat at the price of 350 USD will become useless after it is washed for ten times or become just a plain coat, we can Google solve this problem.

Source: AndroidPolice

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