Google will tell you if your flight will be delayed even before the companies figure out it

The beginning of the day will assume the role of service trips the Google article from Google when you book flights to their users, but will extend to find out if the flight will be delayed even before the Battle of the airlines so, how would you do google it? Based engine flights Google on historical data grouped algorithms for calculation of the huge work of artificial intelligence enables it to stop the real-time flights, says google, it won’t tell users delayed their journey only when you are 80% sure at least, as the company will explain each timing delay such as the arrival of the previous flight is late or there is a problem in the weather. The other feature in the new update is a statement of the details of the ticket of economic showing the number of bags you’re allowed them on the plane if you can choose to place your chair however, the service provide is currently limited to 3 companies, namely American and Delta and United. This is available on search engine flights Google on all systems and smart phones, it can also be accessed through any browser through the following link: Source: TechCrunch

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