Google will transfer data on the movements of its users the police

Police in Raleigh, North Carolina, with the participation of Google began testing an innovative technique of identifying suspects of crimes. In a new initiative tested the possibility of using Google accounts to locate all the people who were near the crime scene, before, at and after the time of the crime.

A new technique of identifying suspects used by North Carolina police in the investigation of at least four crimes committed over the last year. One of them was solved thanks to the assistance of Google. The only reason why law enforcement officers do not use the system more often is the need for sanctions, which may only be issued by the court.

At its core, the system suspects that in the English media for some reason called innovation exists for a long time. To verify this, run the application “Google Maps” navigate in the context menu and select “Timeline”. There you can see information about all their travels around the world for any date from the date of registration of the account.

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