Google, you are not right. Inbox will cease to exist in six months

Google has announced that it is killing another product. This time not lucky Google Inbox, the service will cease to exist in March 2019.

For Google to stop supporting some of the service — it is an everyday thing (especially if it is a messenger). But the most strange (and annoying) in this situation is that Google Inbox is convenient, and quite popular email client.

Inbox was launched in 2014 as an experimental alternative to Gmail. It uses your Google account and displays all the same data as the classic Gmail, but the new interface and its logic. Let’s start with the fact that he was one of the first web services Google, which is made in the style Material Design. In addition, it has many useful functions, such as smart sorting of emails (by category of Purchase, Social networks, Alerts, Promotions, finances), the opportunity to “postpone” letter, similar in function to postpone the alarm (to a certain date/time). Also it’s convenient to pin important letters and tick “Completed” read an email, so they do not interfere in the common tape. Still in the Inbox first came the Smart Reply, which answered to the letters of the proposed phrase.

Of course, many of these features appeared in a recent major update Gmail. It notes and Google itself, underlining the fact that “she learned a lot of useful how to make email better” from the Inbox. And now, Portonova “popular chips Inbox” in Gmail, the company wants “to focus only on Gmail”.

In social networks, many users have already expressed their dissatisfaction with the decision of Google. I personally subscribe to this view, after all why kill a well-functioning service? I understand that his support of the right resources, but you’re 4 years perfecting Inbox and has allowed many users to adapt to it. Now offer the guidehow to move from the Inbox on Gmail…

How do you feel about this decision by Google? And in General interesting to know what email client do you use?

The source: ArsTechnica,

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