Google you update the settlement plan cloud to Nest Aware

Revealed Google Inc. today for clear smart Nest Mini, which was previously known as the Google Home Mini, took the company this opportunity to announce a new update to serve the Nest is Aware of your home.

If you have cameras for the safety of the Nest, you can participate in a Nest Aware which the cost is currently $ 5 per month plan 5 days of recorded video, or $ 10 per month plan, 10 days of recorded video, or $ 30 per month plan 30 days of recorded video. Include all plans for continuous infusion and development of intelligence and and more.

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However, it seems complicated in case you have multiple cameras, the camera requires additional subscription plan of its own. That is why Google worked on streamlining all through the plans cover your entire house.

Http plans for the new $ 6 per month plan 30 days of recorded video, or the $ 12 monthly plan of 60 days of recorded video, This is in addition to the record video for 10 days throughout the day.

Will be put to these plans this new in the early 2020 with the option to switch to the new plans.


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