Google you want to put special buttons for the digital assistant Google Assistant in the gap smartphones


When Samsung to include visited the particular to the digital assistant Bixby in its smart phones, it has many users interest quickly with this button because they couldn’t reset it to do something else. It now seems that the company Google wants something similar also because in the Mobile World Congress MWC 2019 currently held in Barcelona, Spain, Google announced that many of the manufacturers for Android phones will be launching its new smartphones with dedicated buttons for the digital assistant Google Assistant.

This includes devices from companies like LG, Nokia, Xiaomi and TCL, Vivo, for example but not limited to. This will cover a variety of devices such as LG G8 ThinQ, and LG K40 and Nokia 3.2 Nokia 4.2 and Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 5G and Xiaomi Mi9. It is through this button, the users will be able to access the digital assistant Google Assistant quickly.

By clicking on the button once, users will be able to run the digital assistant Google Assistant. Double tapping on the button to open the search interface visible and provide users with information contextually about their day and their site, while clicking for a long time on the button to show the advantage of Walkie Talkie which will be useful for queries long or spelling e-mails or text messages.

It is not clear whether it is possible to reset these buttons because we believe that although it is use the Google Assistant on a wider scale in comparison with the Bixby, the users will want to get the option. Samsung has blocked users from re-adjusting this button in the smart phones to do other jobs, but she changed her mind in recent years.


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