Google you’ll find companies to support Android updates 11 in the background

You’ll find the Google smartphone manufacturers running the Android platform 11 to support the operating system updates in the background while allowing restart later to the revolution, what allows to update more easily and smoothly. If you adhere to the manufacturers requirements, you will support Google services.

Access to download updates in the background with the availability of re-operating and installation at a later time is a good choice already, where users currently have to wait until the refresh is complete for the use of their phones, so they split the download process will not only provide faster updates without compromising the experience of use, but it is also safer for the user.

These changes are mandatory for all companies that use the Android system 11 and found out through codes of the system, it must support the new phones that are put up by this feature anyway, otherwise you will lose support for Google services is very important.

Source: XDA-Developers

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