Google’s use of implementation on sector technology may make it dominate the market of virtual reality

Last week, the company introduced the Google a new application to display images immersive in virtual reality, presented as the technique of multiple cameras to capture those images, it now appears that there may be plans to enhance it using technology pioneered by the third party.

The website TechCrunch from multiple sources that Google Inc acquired for Lytro, an emerging company in the field of photography, began in 2006 as the cameras then evolved to in the Technical Council of the optical data and depth which is expected to constitute the future of virtual reality.

According to the site, amounted to the value of the transaction, according to one source, about 40 million USD, or 25 million USD, according to another source. This includes transaction acquisition, Google on 59 patents related to the report of the Board scanning and techniques of digital photography.

And Technology Company Lytro creating cameras technology supports folder scanning that can allow re-focusing after capture image by capturing the colors and intensity and direction of light rays with every shot.

The company developed in 2015, the device can capture the “size of the Board scanning” or “data from all directions in any place within a certain size”. This allows the “creation of virtual scenes from any point, facing any direction, with any field of view”.

Do you help such steps by Google in its dominance to the market for virtual reality? Share your opinion the comments.


Source: Google acquires sector technology may make it dominate the market of virtual reality

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