Google’s use of the technology of artificial intelligence for the diagnosis of diabetes eyes


Google recently announced that it has launched the initiative to test the artificial intelligence Medicine in Thailand. It will be the purpose of this AI is to examine diabetes of the eye which can cause permanent blindness. The company was launched by a similar initiative in India. Such initiatives aim to show the benefits of artificial intelligence in the health field.

On this subject, stated vice president of global affairs at Google, Mr. Kent Walker at an event held by the company in the Thai capital Bangkok, said : ” as a society, we have a responsibility to use artificial intelligence in the best possible way “.

The company has announced this initiative in Thailand in collaboration with the hospital Rajavithi Hospital which is run by the state. Following this initiative, a joint study revealed that the artificial intelligence technology has accuracy up to 95% in the discovery of the disease compared to the accuracy rates of 74% have eye doctors or eye specialist. Seen this artificial intelligence to the results of the eye examination of patients to determine whether they will suffer from permanent blindness with the knowledge that early detection can help in the provision of preventive treatment to patients.

Thailand has the appropriate conditions for a project of this type. Male assistant hospital director Ravajithi Hospital, Mr. Paisan Ruamviboonsuk that the country has only about 1400 ophthalmologist estimated at five million diabetic in the country, all of whom are at risk of permanent blinding.


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