GoPro license technology your cameras by other manufacturers

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Despite being synonymous with cameras action, except that the GoPro twice a year a rough couple where she struggled to bring in new customers ready to spend hundreds of dollars on their products. The company has strived to achieve growth in the sector of unmanned aircraft, but had to return the bending head from there due to its inability to compete effectively in the market. Has forced trouble the police on the search for another place to get support and found it in licensing deals. The company started GoPro granting of licences for the use of camera technology own other companies.

Announced the company GoPro today announced the licensing deal global multi-year technology and equipment export with Jabil. The company will use the reference design to buy a GoPro for the production of lenses, cameras and sensors that will be used in third party products ” approved by the company GoPro “. And Mr. Sandor Barna, a senior officer of the company GoPro, light on the possibilities that bring her this page, he explained that he can reach the camera technology in the company in the end to a variety of products such as video conferencing solutions, robots, self-driving cars.

I have a Jabil and GoPro a long-term relationship where cooperation with the camera GoPro Hero 4 in 2014. In case you haven’t heard about Jabil before, they are an American company operates 90 facilities in over 20 countries around the world. The products that will company Jabil manufactured under this Agreement would not afford a brand to buy a GoPro.

Not disclosed the financial terms of this deal, but it is clear that the company GoPro you’ll get a licensing Fee for the technology of camera to buy Jabil. It should be noted that the company GoPro open the door to the signing of the license agreements similar with the other manufacturers in the future.


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