Gorilla Glass 6.. The new generation glass screen phones

During a press conference in California, the company disclosed the Corning leader in the production of special glass screen smart phone for the new generation of glass for smartphones and other devices, Gorilla Glass 6. And the new glass is more power than ever to withstand shocks and falls better than the last.

Since its launch in September 2007 I was Corning to put a bottle in 6 million smart phone from 45 different company.

And glass Corning Gorilla Glass 6 improvement relative to the Gorilla Glass 5, where the bear fall from high places as it is designed to Frequent hiccups. Despite the fact that, are new did not provide any improvement in the selection of scratches when compared to a bottle of Gorilla Glass 5.

Glass Gorilla Glass 6 is produced currently and is expected to reach markets in the next few months were not disclosed the companies that will be dealt with formally. And test the new glass already by the users to make sure match it to the time advertised.

The detection of the Gorilla Glass in February 2008, the Gorilla Glass 2 location next to the beach Glass 3 were detected in the month of January 2012 and 2013. The company Gorilla Glass 4 location next to the beach Glass 5 in 2014 and 2016 to provide Gorilla Glass SR+ in August 2016 after months of Revelations about the Gorilla Glass 5.

It was one of the possible solutions that we have seen recently to watch the broken screen phones is the “era” of the smartphone, which is the cover for phones designed by a student of German, he opens the legs when falling to protect your phone from any damage. Although it’s just an idea so far except that there are negotiations is currently on achieving the idea into reality and start the production of this cover.

It is expected the arrival of this product to the website Kickstarter soon for funding to become real. And if you get this product to market surely will achieve great sales being the problem of broken screen phones were not a problem easy completely. Many suffer from broken screens to phones leads to loss of time and money. Although this invention will not sing, of course, about our need for a strong where you don’t prefer some basis for the idea of putting the cover of the phone.

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