Grade – Shawty Get patented dual-camera inside the screen!

It seems that 2019 is the year of the cameras pinhole is located inside the screen, after that we saw Samsung and Huawei implemented this technique during the last months, appeared now signs on to join the Shao to them soon.

According to the latest reports coming from Chinese site Weibo, the company acquired a Chinese manufacturer of smartphones Xiaomi on the patent for the design of a dual-camera inside the screen.

Different design of Shawty’s new about this dual camera available in Galaxy S10 / while the Samsung uses a single unit including the two front, the flagship killer Mi will open the two separate, so that it can be the second hole either all the front camera, secondary notification light and proximity sensor.

Are filled list Shawty new the 24 different designs – No of cameras on one side, or one on the left and the other on the right, or holes spaced in different forms as illustrated in the picture at the top.

Until now I didn’t expect more information about any of the designs will start the Chinese company in its implementation soon, and the first device will have camera hole of the Shawnee, so we eagerly await in the coming weeks to hear more details about the plans for Shawnee’s future after the patent of these.

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