Graphics card Geforce RTX New will be faster than the cards to Pascal by 50%


Revealed the company Nvidia has revealed earlier this month about the graphic cards of the new generation Core Turing, this is the generation that is NVIDIA that will be revolutionary too, Thanks to the techniques of Ray Tracing, stunning lighting and that took NVIDIA a full 10 years to develop. The latest reports on the internet indicated that the difference in performance between the new cards and cards to Pascal for the previous generation of up to about 50%, and is what we’ll be able to make sure of when getting on the reviews and performance tests.

Architecture Turing as we mentioned previously operate on the kernel size of 12 Nm. Card NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti owns 18.4 million transistors and 4352 processor Cuda, also contains 272/88 ROP, and is equivalent to 10 Giga-Rays in New technique, and works quickly basic up to 1350 MHz up to 1545 with payment (boost). At the level of memory comprises a card 11 GB of memory new GDDR6 speed 14 gigabases per second as up the range of memory to 616 GB. Also up energy consumption to 1200 watts. The price of the card to the official for the standard version of NVIDIA on its official website is $ 1200.

Card GeForce RTX 2080 8 GB banner with new lighting, featuring 8 GB of RAM GDDR6, and informs the memory range where the 448. The card includes 2944 processor CUDA and works quickly 1515 MHz up to 1710 MHz by the defense, and consumes 215 watts, while the official price is not it is $ 800.

We also have card GeForce RTX 2070, and which includes a 2304 processor CUDA, and come 6 Giga Rays with new lighting, and work quickly to 1410 MHz up to 1620 MHz with defence, as size up the RAM to 8 GB-type GDDR6, and consume 180 watts of power and up the price to $ 600.

Cards RTX 2080 Ti and RTX 2080 issued in the month of August Current the card RTX 2070 will become available in the market in the month of September.

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