Grayscale Investments, the Fund reported record investment in Bitcoin

Company Barry Silbert Grayscale Investments has published an interesting report in which he formulated the theory of new inflows to the Bitcoin. It is noteworthy that the lower the price of the cryptocurrency, the more money goes into the industry. This writes Bitcoinist.

Who cares about the price of Bitcoin?

In the report on investing in digital assets when reported on the most successful month in the history of its existence. From the beginning, the Foundation received $ 250 million.

Investor activity has increased greatly in the first and second quarters of 2018. The fall of Bitcoin by 50 percent more warmed up their interest in cryptocurrency.

It’s counterintuitive, but the number of investments in Grayscale now high as ever. Bitcoin remains the most attractive asset for our investors, 63 per cent of their capital go to the main cryptocurrency. The remaining 37 percent is distributed between the most popular Althingi.

On his page on Twitter, Barry Silbert said that 56 percent of new investments in Grayscale came from institutional investors.

The Fund’s experts do not lose the optimistic attitude regarding Bitcoin exchange rate. Earlier this month, they analyzed the sentiment, and then called cryptocurrency “the missing piece of the puzzle” strategy to maximize revenue.

However, other cryptocurrency funds things are not so rosy. Analysts predict the decrease of their number in the market due to the unclear situation with the regulators. Presumably, by 2019, the tenth part of these companies will not survive the competition. Let’s see what happens.


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