Green mining in Morocco will build a wind power plant for the extraction of Bitcoin

In recent times, Bitcoin mining is increasingly subjected to criticism because of its high cost and negative impact on the environment. Team Brookstone Partners undertook to rectify the situation, the company would build the wind farm in Morocco specifically for cryptocurrency mining. According to Bitcoinist, the total capacity of wind turbines will be 900 megawatts.

Eco-friendly mining cryptocurrency

Opponents of digital assets often point to the huge energy consumption of the Bitcoin network. In proof of his point of view, analysts compare the costs of mining power consumption of some European countries. And not particularly successfully

The problem really exists. Despite the global correction of the stock market, Herat in the network of Bitcoin is growing, and along with him every day, increasing the cost of mining. With this trend even after six months, the Bitcoin network will consume 125 terawatt-hours per year. However, the most dangerous trail that I reserve cryptocurrency — pollution of the environment.

The biggest problem of Bitcoin is the fact that a large part of the power network cryptocurrency is provided by coal-fired power plants in China. This is the cheapest way of production of electricity in the country. Even by conservative estimates, each transaction of the coin is the huge emission of harmful combustion products into the air.

To fix the problem, the company Brookstone Partners founded a start Soluna. Firm will Finance the construction of a large wind farm in North Africa. Dozens of wind turbines will be placed at the border of the Sahara desert in Dakhla.

Soluna plans to build several computer centers that will be fueled by green energy. Our mission is to translate kryptonyte on renewable energy sources. To achieve this, we build infrastructure for mining cryptocurrency on renewable resources.

Cryptocommunist reacted positively to the news about the project Soluna. We will remind, at the moment, wind is the cheapest renewable energy source.

Perhaps very soon the situation with mining altcoins can change abruptly. And while Nvidia is preparing a new generation of graphics cards, its main rival AMD reports loss. In order not to miss the chance to collect cheap cryptoform, ask advice in our chat.


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