Greenhouse gas emissions will be reduced by using satellites to search for their sources

The whole world is trying to reduce the choice of greenhouse gases and save the planet from global warming. In the course are a variety of technology — space Agency NASA and several other companies are developing flying cars that harm the atmosphere much lessthan land transport. According to Bloomberg, dozens of companies around the world have another idea for reducing emissions — they want to run on the earth orbit satellites to detect sources of emissions. This will allow them to identify major air pollutants and to bring them to justice.

Спутник для обнаружения источников парниковых газов

It is believed that these satellites will be able to change the concentrations of methane, ozone and other greenhouse gases. Manufacturers intend to increase their accuracy to such an extent that they will be able to detect a leak from a small oil platform. Thanks to this organization will no longer irresponsible to release greenhouse gases — according to main developer of the International energy Agency Laura Cozzi, oil and gas companies can reduce emissions by 40-50% without any cost.

In 2021, the Fund of environmental protection will launch its satellite MethaneSAT. It is able to detect only methane, but it is only a plus — it will run much faster and with higher accuracy.

Orbiting the Earth already have such satellite GHGSat, which monitors emissions from oil and gas properties, thermal and hydroelectric power plants, coal mines and landfills. In the spring or summer of 2019, the developers of the satellite they intend to launch an updated version with improved performance.

These satellites can be an effective tool to identify problems and their quick elimination. Perhaps if the project was deployed early, the world would be managed to avoid leak of 100,000 tons of methane from the company Aliso Canyon in 2015.

Do not forget that in addition to oil and gas companies, greenhouse gases are emitted, and other objects. For example, these include dams and storage — how they harm the atmosphere, read in our material.

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