Grey trading: most transactions with the crypt performed on questionable exchanges

Analysts portal CryptoCompare published a report on the analysis of trading volumes on cryptomeria. As it turned out, the lion’s share of transactions with cryptocurrencies performed at sites with a dubious reputation. The experts also published detailed statistics on each class of exchanges from the most reliable to the most suspicious.

Where is the best place to sell crypto currencies?

CryptoCompare evaluates trading platforms on a scale from F to AA. The first letter outlined the most unreliable exchange, the symbols AA has the largest platform with the best reputation — just like in foreign schools. Here is a list of exchanges and their assessment (in the far right column), which the company published the results of the study.

Source: CryptoCompare

And again.

Source: CryptoCompare

Each level of classification designated in the chart below, here in the upper left corner shows the value of the growth/decline of trading volumes on stock exchanges in the period from June to July. For example, the share of trades on the most reliable exchanges AA (shown in black) for the month rose 28.7 percent.

Source: CryptoCompare

So, in July, the share marketplaces with estimates of D and E in the total amount of all transactions for the month was 64 percent, or 316 billion dollars. During the same period on the stock exchanges with a rating of AA was committed only 5 percent of deals worth $ 31 billion.

Another interesting fact — the average value of trade orders above that is suspicious exchanges. For example, Lbank, the average transaction is estimated at 3.7 BTC, while the average order on Coinbase to 15 times less. What does it all mean?

Obviously, there is a clear and present wrapping artificial trading volumes. Such "dirty" methods of little-known stock exchanges are trying to fill their popularity and to attract more new traders. The inexperience of newcomers, too, plays into their hands — they see a beautiful figure and imaginary activity, so have confidence in the trading platform. This is wrong, and to use questionable exchanges, I highly recommend not.

We will remind, in March, the analysts Bitwise Asset Management found that 95 percent of the trading volumes of Bitcoin are fake. More revelations look in our chat of cryptomerioides!


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