Group D: selected World technical the best Android apps to 2018

The completion of the offer for “selection of the technical world of the best Android apps to 2018”, which we started in their communities before the days of now, and to this day the fourth group, which in turn also annexed the 30 another application, and now let’s start by mentioning the applications:

The first group: selection of the technical world of the best Android apps to 2018

Group II: selection of the technical world of the best Android apps to 2018

Group II: selection of the technical world of the best Android apps to 2018

1. Curator:

Application of the Curator raised recently on the store Google Play, where with this new app and using the capabilities of artificial intelligence will be able to make the search for your photos and intuitive and faster without compromising privacy, and most of all without having to connect to the internet, it is characteristic of the application of the Curator that includes a feature nodding to interact with the images, the advantages of the special folders and the trash, the tool marks allocated to accelerate the process of finding images, as well as improved search and albums involved, and people and animals and flowers ,,,etc just a Google image but heels longer by not having the internet.

2. Finger Scan:

Is this application extremely easy to use to scan QR codes and QR barcodes, and business cards without the need to connect to the internet, where all you have to open the camera base with the app and stuff to code or barcode images then get her scanned, and the advantages of the application of the Finger Scan it’s coming function and zoom through the disk with two fingers, the instrument and turn on The Flash to allow for scanning more reliable in the dark, and safety features coming with the app it is checked images without authorized access storage device.

On the other hand, is also equipped Finger with QR code generator, where you can create a QR code by adding any data (like web links) referred to on the screen, and others can get all these information after scanning a QR code that, with the participation of all your data this way.

3. Rootless:


If you want to experience browsing the operating interface available on the phone Pixels 2 on your Android phone “5.0 the latest” the application of Rootless Launcher is the most appropriate option, where after that it was only available on XDA and Github as a file APK, supplied now officially for all users on the store Google Play, perhaps the first thing you need to know from the app, is that it is open source, which means that the developers them the possibility to rely on the app to suit their needs.

In relation to the application it is coming one quite similar like the ones available on the phone the Google Pixel 2, where the search bar you see at the bottom, and the option of access to the application by dragging the screen from top to bottom, as well as to customize the application icons and more. available on the Android version Oreo 8.0, and notices above every application, even a tool to rotate the screen and view the proposal of the most used applications.

4. Nova Video Player :

Nova Video Player that we recommend it a lot, where when you consider its advantages from the first sight we see this recommendation, generally, first and foremost, you must know that the app is free and is open source, so there is freedom in contributing to the precepts of the code of the application by the developers, but as ordinary users, what matters are the features, and tell you the features in this app are great and many.

Where most notably his support for tablets, phones and TV Android, also support playback video files from your computer, and even play the videos from external storage via USB, there is support for all file formats video playback “MKV, MP4, AVI, WMV, FLV, etc”, and supporting soil types “SRT, SUB, ASS, SMI, etc”.

And Android TV will support apps Nova Video Player lists the episodes for the TV series, and even support channels notifications device Oreo and support the latest Android version 9.0, not to mention the interface and model allow you to access videos saved content outside, and when it comes to service abroad outside I’ve got the app the ability to run Shared Folders SMB servers, UPnP either through FTP or even through the cloud.

5. BBC Learning English:

BBC Learning English 2

Aiming to learn English, and the app slogan “use a little bit every day, it makes you improve your skills in English”, the app all of the tutorials and two of my favorites in one package great and easy to use, to be the best way to keep your level in English, studying grammar, improve your pronunciation or develop your level or even learn the latest phrases to use in your everyday conversations.

What differentiates the app from others, it is the daily practice, where you pay your daily updates of lessons and the style representative of the competitions in the practice of his day, and its features included watch or listen to each program without the use of supporting text, then watch or listen again using the built-in scripts and promotions, once you practice the skills of listening, reading, use tests to test the extent of your understanding, will remember the application of your relationships so you can keep trying until you get the result that you want.

6. Stellio Player:

It is a music player customizable is great, and has gorgeous appearance, as well as the potential to run sophisticated management of the library from the ground, as the operator of music, July Stellio priority is sound quality, meaning that it supports a number of file types without quality loss, such as FLAC, in addition to many of the common formats (MP3, M4A, etc.), you can also choose from several pre-settings for the store or customize your own settings.

Even if you are not music lovers, the Stellio Player has plenty of other features to make your experience better, for example it can retrieve album covers for your music from the internet, while listening helps you to the integrated search in the songs to sing through the words, so you you can safe lyrics and other metadata temporarily so you can continue to enjoy it when you don’t have an internet connection.

It also supports the application of Stellio Player temporary to consider, such as determining the time to turn off the musical tracks, or specify a specific time to run these tracks, instead of the traditional, has been replaced with the interact with the track key, and of course there is enough of settings and themes available that you can adjust the application interface as it sees fit.

7. HiHello:


Can be keep track of all your contacts business a pain when dealing with business cards the material, this is why there are apps like HiHello Contact Exchange, where instead of carrying a bunch of pieces of carbon in my pocket, you can carry the business card of your digital on your phone which can be easily shared with anyone you want, in this way, you never have to worry about forgetting your card again, with the application of HiHello you’ll be able to as a user do not create multiple cards with different information about them and the way to participate in different contexts that meet her “business, personal”.

There is the option to share the card safe using the icons, since they will need the recipients to anything more than just a camera phone, with support to share the card by e-mail or via text message.

8. Volume Slider:

The application Volume Slider which mimics the controls in the sound level, specifically appearance and how, so if you want to trade but you don’t have a device that has the Android P until now, you may need a portable through this app, in other words, the experience assists lowering and raising the volume available on the Android 9.0 on your smart phone “Android 4.1 the latest”.

Turn the slider the application will be floating, and above all apps, which you can easily increase or reduce the size of images, it adds many customization options, and place it in different places on the screen or even from the Notification Center, the video above shows you how to work on the app and what you can benefit from it.

9. Power Shade:

This app comes the task allocation panel notifications and app drawer according to your taste and preferences, not only that it has the ability to manage notifications from where read or postponed, as well as the Quick Reply feature in Android 5.0 the latest, as well as feature a compilation of notifications, smart, and themes inspired by the latest Android version 9.0, and end up the app to this limit, where there is a situation dark and wonderful for more, combined to customize the slider color, and choose a profile picture to be displayed in the navigation bar revealed geographic.

10. Yahoo:

Yahoo 1

If you are still using the products of different web company, there is a new application launched by the company bears her name, is available exclusively on the Android operating system, in respect of the application, it includes all the products of Yahoo favorite put it to you in one place, both the local weather results and sports stories, the hottest news, stock prices, coupons, and email, as well as offer a personalized experience like never before.

11. Appscope:

Appscope 1

Web applications progressive or what you know in a nutshell PWA, the apps are great web-based which can simulate some of the functionality of native applications taking a minimum of storage space on your device, in other words apps are torn between the idea of apps light version “lite” applications, version key, they are great alternatives too to install apps that don’t use much.

Turn can be discovery services used by PWA difficult, and at this point comes the application of Appscope, which is a store for these applications in particular, rather not shop, you won’t use to buy things, but as they are familiar to all users, there are categories and featured apps search function is substantially similar to what you find on store Google Play.

Finally store Appscope itself is a PWA, which means you won’t have to download the app on your Android phone, but a visit to the Web page, make a choice from on the main screen.

12. Tasty:


Allowed the company to Buzzfeed this year applied the new Tasty, which comprises about 3000 recipe food, on the other hand, the application comes to the status of Education step-by-step, there is a page “my recipes” that represent your own cookbook on your smartphone screen, as well as a research tool innovative enables you to search by ingredients, cuisine, and social occasion that you want to target.

With Tasty you’ll get suggestions for your next meal depending on the time of day, or by week or even the time of events, holidays, annual, and if you prefer vegetarian food simply can for the and with Hide all meals that contain meat.

In respect of the tool search smart through which it will search for recipes according to social plans or ingredients or diet needs, or even the degree of difficulty and other categories, and of course ways to prepare the food will be cheap with a video clip demonstrating how to prepare step-by-step.

13. Inware:

This will allow you to the new app to know the details of your Android device, and you can find information about the hardware and software of the device including, the version of the system, called the Treble, and the details of the screen size and the height, type and precision, as well as find out the specification of the central processing unit “CPU” and Ram “RAM”, and the graphics processor, so that it shows you the specifications of the camera either front or rear, and information on the sensors, and much more.

14. Envision AI:

For visually impaired persons, it can be smart phones are extremely useful tools and make them feel the independence of the larger, on the other hand, the application uses the capabilities of artificial intelligence to the things and people around you, and you can teach faces and objects, with the understanding of its scenes and environments himself, so that he can read aloud text also in multiple languages, which will be useful in new places or when checking from the menus and the elements of the supermarket.

This app offers a simple experience also integrated with your notifications, as well as customize and change the interface of the main phone from the ground up, as was the design of this car very carefully, where it says the status of your applications all of them in the list Side, mind in chaos on the Home screen, as well as the order of these applications alphabetically, and more importantly, accessible with one hand only, when it comes to notifications, this app supports to read the summary stuff directly, and these summaries all, with its support read stuff full by passing a simple it towards the right.

16. Tor:

Still Tor browser for Android is a work in progress, and for years to enable the users of the system connect to the Tor network using the Orbot and also using Orfox, but now you can get the advantages of privacy and security of Tor in a new package, where it is now running the first version “alpha” of the browser in the store Google Play, for the end to be happy using the browser without the need of any extras it directly.

It is known that the network “Tor” is a network encrypted around the world working on the transfer of web traffic to protect privacy, as well as their copy of Firefox 60, which works on blocking followers and help hide identity while browsing, as well as supporting Tor to access websites and services blocked in my country.

17. FameBit:

This year floated the company Google finally applied FameBit for Android users, as this app allows content creators and owners the effect in the YouTube of contact with the brands, so as to achieve more money, without his service was FameBit has existed since the period of on the web as well as the iPhone, has been provided by Google Now on Android also, the app is available on the App Store free and in full.

And Google in this regard :”thanks to our data, we have created the best tools in its class to connect brands with content creators to associate, enabling content brands to reach the right audience”.

In other words, the app enables users to YouTube influencers to send suggestions to the marketers, the communication with the business related information that connected better with their audience, and allows the application to send and receive messages between the brand and the content creator to finish the details of the cooperation, and more.

18. Edge Action:

The application of Edge Action which makes it is to use the phone with one hand easier than you can imagine, where he says that the new app creates a side bar on the edge of the screen, use only all you need to pull it, with the scroll to its tools including contacts, apps, calls,, etc., allowing you like to start with a phone call or a text message directly from the tape,

It also offers you the application Edge Action Panel from quick settings, so you don’t need to access to the Notification Center to toggle WiFi and Bluetooth, etc., and things end at that, where it gives you the Edge Action also have access to file manager, calculator, and the keys of the default shortcuts which are user defined, calendar and many more.

19. Assistant Shortcuts:

If you want to re-map the button to run the phone, so that when performing the process of pressing it for a long time, he opens an application or open a job of your choice, the application Assistant Shortcuts very suitable for you, as it is great for people who have a disability move them using the touch screen, where the with this new app can be set up to run some basic applications when pressing the buttons on the phone material.

On the other hand, this application uses the accessibility services on your phone, and its features to switch to another application was using it, and a flat screen on the edge, and take advantage of the split-screen mode “requires Android N most recent”, so that supports opening panel notifications to open the Panel Settings Quick, Take a screen-shot of the company “requires Android P”.

20. Parsec:

Medical the Parsec , which supports the game games, Computer Full its graphics and its on your Android device, giving you free access to games from anywhere, on any device, on the other hand, the app is still under development, the URL of the app there is a pressing need for fast connection to the Internet “Wi-Fi 5.0 GHz”, so if you don’t have access to this speed you may need to wait in order for the app to deal with slow connections.

21. Bouncer:

Comes this app functions very useful for any user of Android, and crystallize in the granting of permissions to applications temporarily, in other words the granting of any application installed at the ear that he wants. once completed the app says What if someone unplugs the ear automatically without any intervention by the user, for example, if you want to allow what access to the contacts and his ear so, the task of application of Bouncer kill remove ear immediately close the application.

22. Pexels:

The application of Pexels which is combined to take images and share them among the others without regard for property rights, where most of the people are looking for free images of the property rights to be able to re-use their lives, personal or professional, to come this app summarizes their expectations of the fact that it offers a full community to share photos of all kinds, and most importantly allow you to share your photos too.

One of the features of the app include a search engine in order to find the perfect images for your project, and the direct participation of lead or any image editor installed on your phone, as well as set any image as wallpaper for your phone, and most importantly check out the photos of others and benefit from their ideas.

23. Omni :

This helps you the app to record the screen of your Android device in high quality, with included features diverse and useful at the same time, as a tool to cut the screen and edit video, and record external audio or mute it, as well as the tool industry GIF images, and not only that, but this application provides the Omni is also the option of live streaming for YouTube, Facebook, and most of the services, other spices, and even that he is able to take a screen-shot of the company as of and modification, in respect of a video editor coming with the app he is able to add a music track to the video, and even merge more than the video by one, Not to mention his support of subtitles for video compression, and support for about 20 languages.

24. Fluid Navigation Gestures:

Specifically with the advent of the iPhone X from Apple, we saw a range of gestures to “pass” next to her, where very briefly the other of these gestures is a way to browse your phone and between its tools and its applications, at the same time it was similar with the latest version of Android known as Android P, on the other hand, if you want to experience these gestures on your Android phone the old, with the application of Fluid Navigation Gestures solution.

Where does this app replace the default navigation bar a set of gestures that provides you on all aspects of the screen, at the same time you can customize all the gestures fully, either scroll left or right or bottom right or swipe down from the Notification Center, for example, with these gestures you can open the application, or open a shortcut, or open notifications, or stop the latest applications that are browsing them, or even open quick settings and Google Search Assistant Google and many other things.

25. Profiler:


He says this new app display the plug-in floating window moving, not have any effect on Browse phone apps, meaning if you run your application what will display the specifications without any effect, on the one hand it supports the application Profiler view the CPU frequency, and GPU and the amount of used random access memory “ram”, as well as network traffic and the temperature of the phone and the information on the battery, you can adjust the format of the data in the scheme that suits you, and adjust size and transparency.

26. NotaBene:

One of the note taking apps new and exclusively on the Android operating system, it has been designed for taking notes in different forms and most importantly blogging quickly, as this application supports to take notes in writing, as well as recording the observations and votes, align the inclusion of any image quite easily, as the app includes a search engine to find old notes, and supports put a geotag to all observations, there is the option to distinguish the important notes to access them quickly.

27. Yahoo Together:

A freelancing group is available on both Android and iOS, it is designed to simplify communication among friends, family, and coworkers, as well as solve the problem of frustration due to group conversations, which we see in various applications in this area, through the use of this app tools smart new with better organization.

Where there’s a group for everything you want, such as family group or friends or work ,,etc., and as you would expect from any application to another chat, then Yahoo Together supports share photos, videos, and works to create a shared library for the group with a view to make it easier to find things later, as well as having a powerful search tool are displayed in this mix.

28. BestCrypt Explorer:

With this application there will be space for separate storage is to encrypt all your data photos, videos, files ,,etc., all this in a way that the use is very simple, as once you transfer the files to the encryption automatically, no one could access them only after entering the password established in advance.

After that it is inside the app itself can open all your files are encrypted, it supports the review of the video and open the sound and listen to music and when you open the text files, and by the way the application is used BestCrypt Explorer extension for file encryption “LongCrypt Container Encryption – Jetico” trusted long time for computers and servers, and not only that, but this application supports download encrypted storage to cloud services the likes of drive the degree of Xbox.

29. Adaptive Brightness:

Turn adds tool adaptive brightness in the Quick Settings panel, therefore with this method you can change the size of the brightness of the screen without wasting time in development settings, the more worthy of note that this new app is open source, so developers can add the code and tools and new features on the app, nor the app uses no analytics, and does not brings you any data.

30. Purchased Apps:

The last app in this group, which is an application that supports the display of all your apps and your games that you purchased from the store Google Play, as well as the soil by price “from the highest to the least”, as well as jump directly to the page any app from the Play Store to install it again.

It also comes application Purchased Apps stylish design and easy to handle, and his tools and other powerful display of the total amount spent on apps and games completely, in addition to reviewing the categories, there are also options to change the currency and date format if you want it, it even supports the export list of apps you have with others.


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