Group II: selection of the technical world of the best Android apps to 2018

المجموعة الثالثة: مختارات عالم التقنية لأفضل تطبيقات أندرويد لعام 2018

The completion of the offer for “selection of the technical world of the best Android apps to 2018”, which we started in their communities before the days of now, and to this day the second group, which in turn also annexed the 30 another application, and now let’s start by mentioning the applications:

The first group: selection of the technical world of the best Android apps to 2018

Group II: selection of the technical world of the best Android apps to 2018

1. Intra:

The application of Intra-new and exclusively on the Android operating system, the more worthy of note that the app is still in a playful fight beta demo but is possible at any moment to be made for the final and official, generally in relation to the application it is competent in selecting the services of DNS-over-HTTPS, aiming to prevent manipulation in your Network.

To be applied thoroughly to all your queries in order not to be read or adjusted, keep in mind that the Intra would use the VPN local to establish contact, which may lead to delay things or cause a problem in certain applications, finally, the app supports all of the services of Cloudflare and Google is available in free and full and without any annoying ads.

2. AirMirrror:

The application of AirMirror which you will be able to with remotely control your smartphone, and is one of the tools of Remote Desktop but the mobile only, in the sense that it does not require a special client on your computer, only from phone to another, and this idea due to the significant expansion witnessed in the mobile phone market, in turn the app will service the control be simple, fast and secure through which you can remotely access various Android devices freely Unfortunately when it comes to iOS have indicated that there are many limitations the first is Will the App be able to work as client and not as host, and even be able to use the Android device from the iPhone and not vice versa.

3. Clean Share:

Everyone says the participation of the links, whether a product or a photo or a tweet or any other form of links, we exactly send the link directly to other applications, but more often than not be the URL is not simple but is full of dozens of characters add useless usually targeted to the user to keep track of and visit the ads, so if you want to watch clean and remove these symbols are unwanted, make sure the URL you send doesn’t sound like something undesirable, try applying Clean Share.

On the other hand, this app is very useful and is available exclusively on the Android system, and ordered involved with it very easy, after installing the app you can you can check its settings to see the parameters that will be gone from the URL, or put add your own if necessary, or simply trust him to do about it.

When you want to share a link to what select it and then the second one will be organized for the URL in the background, Show list watch new, then you can send the link to “the core” to any application you want, this app is similar kind of supply of Chrome Tracking Token Stripper except that it works on your phone.

4. Mopria Scan:

Deliberately companies printers and scanners “scanner” to provide a tool or app that aims to connect these devices and controlled via mobile phone, and of course for each brand there is a special application to work with them only, but what if I want the application calls the plug with all the printers, scanners, regardless of brand?

Of course you can do that via the app The New Mopria Scan and exclusively on Android, a developer’s application connects to printers, and scanners connected via Wi-Fi network of your with this app if you have some different brands in your office you can still use one application to connect to it.

Moreover with this app you can also share your scanned documents from within the app which make it easy to send your files to the recipients, along once connected you can use the application Mopria Scan for in the settings of the scanner, start the scan, organize and rename digital scanning and the participation of the scanned data with people and other applications.

5. Exodus Privacy:

The application Exodus Privacy which is checked all the permissions for any application, and of course it’s known that any application installed on the phone are granted permissions to work, to come the role of this application in the examination of these permissions and the information and data that is shared with third parties.

Very simply offer you this tool details necessary to determine whether the app is worth to use or not, in respect of the possibility to use, after your installation to investigate and open it will display all the applications installed on your phone, you are without a you choose application that you want to check, then it is may be able to provide detailed information about the permissions of the selected application, and what’s wonderful is that it supports Arabic language.

6. Navigation Gestures:

With the application of the Navigation Gestures the latest in his field, it’s something different, where there isn’t any need for the powers of Root, just have to have your phone running Android 5.0 the latest, in respect of the application as we talked comes a wide range of gestures that help you in browsing your phone in a whole new, and the when gestures iPhone X and even the presence of gestures to Android version P.

With the app you can also hide the default navigation bar at the bottom and also don’t need the routine here, it is the most important nodding provided by the application as follows “scroll right, scroll left, scroll up, scroll down, prolonged pressure, double clicking, scrolling with hold, and many other nodding,” and with regard to the purpose of this nodding telling you all one you can do anything such as opening an application or close the screen, or clear the notifications ,,,etc of the goals.

7. Spark Post:

It is a collection application of the novel and the police, including pages and videos, with this app you can also create structures and posts and social based on a set of templates, there are advantages animation effects as well as moving Text Effects, tool color picker Hexagon options of ad hoc arbitration and more, as well as its features driven such as logo, fonts, models of your brands.

8. Navbar Weather:

Application of the Navbar Weather which in turn works on the replacement of the navigation bar terms of the other shows you weather condition in the area of your residence, the most important of all, make use of the app without the need for the powers of the root, this iPad is extremely important, as most applications that need to change in the settings of the Android default always require the powers of Root.

Generally, regardless of the application of the Navbar Weather will give you weather for 5 days or 3 hours to come, in addition to the possibility to switch from a line chart to a bar chart, and if you don’t want to display the weather as my statement very simply you can switch to the forecast illustrated with the data for 12 hours to come, as well as the case of Sunset and Sunrise.

9. ClockFace:

This app is developed by Samsung, and it says to change the clock styles according to your tastes, with regard to the possibility to use and take advantage of the app, after installing it, open the settings of AOD (or the lockscreen) and moved to the end of the list the same horizontal position, click the last option will change all the patterns ClockFace new, and in the app it also supports adjusting the colors just as you do with the colors included.

10. Keepsafe:

The latest apps, surf the web on the Android platform, where it was built safely, it is designed to protect your privacy, as well as a fast browser and special, and can also be locked with a password, and most importantly his support for blocking ads and other followers that you choose and choose your privacy, and the secure browser with a password so that also supports a fingerprint, not to mention his support to open the windows as much as you want without any limits, there is a perception daemon, which supports the clear all browsing data and not leave any records immediately out of it.

11. Adobe Authenticator:

Adobe Authenticator

If you want to get strong security for your account in the Adobe check of this app, which will use your smartphone to verify your identity, which makes it very difficult for anyone to break into your account, and of course it may be annoying to have your phone with you every time you want to log in to the Adobe product, but this is the price you pay for a secure account, on the other hand, also the app supports scanning the QR codes, support hours Android Ware.

12. Measure:

During the previous phase we saw dozens of apps that support the platform ARCore, the application of the Measure one of these apps which, by the way of the development of the company Google, in terms of the usefulness of the application, it is used to measure things via the phone’s camera using augmented reality AR, and if you are familiar with the AR experience, the experience of the app is very simple: all you need is to put two signs in real world locations and get the distance between them, the video above shows you how the app works.

13. Notes by Firefox:

Is a notebook to write notes, and what distinguishes it from other that supports sync notes between phone and Firefox on the desktop and immediate, so are the notes encrypted fully, and covers the previous talk everything you need to know about this app, therefore does not include a lot of features the likes of Keep or Evernote, and includes tools to coordinate or support pictures and graphics, but very fast and encrypt all data to prevent freezing, finally after logging in with your Firefox account, you’ll need to supplement to protect it from the desktop in the Firefox browser.

14. Safe Wi-Fi:

Through if you want to use public Wi-Fi network but you are worried about security, you only need to open this app to create a secure VPN connection to the public network, this way you won’t worry about the spy cybercriminals because you have the protection of your personal data and your activities on the internet, in relation to the way it works is very simple, as we pointed out earlier works to apply Safe Wi-Fi network to establish a secure VPN connection to public Wi-Fi in places like hotels, airports and cafes, and includes the high encryption level, so your files will stay safe.

15. Sharedr:

With this app can be with the adjustment on the common interface of the virtual, where it comes with a new one are replaced with one common default, it comes platforms adorable first tool to shorten URLs, the second pin tool so you can put the sharing options favorites at the top of the list, in order to facilitate quick access, the best thing in this app it’s completely free, so you won’t worry about any purchases or misleading declarations inside it, so there’s no need to the powers of the root


Simplified application is a live wallpaper Rich De with patterns animated in real time, as it offers dozens of details and colors unicue, as well as his support for the when you touch the screen, as the best application for OLED when it comes to saving battery, we all know that this category of backgrounds consume the supplier of the battery.

17. PlantSnap :

With this application can identify flowers, trees and plants are mushrooms, and more quickly, and this application is designed to help you for the flowers, plants and trees in a jiffy, where the database covers a huge every place on Earth so you can identify plants on the spot, wherever you are, either in respect of the recognition mechanism, they are by capturing images of the plant or flower ,,Etc, and then leave the rest to the algorithms the application to provide them with all the information and details about the image captured, to be this application is very sheer the re-connection to the natural world around you, not only this, but the app includes also a showcase for new and exotic plant all over the world.

18. Material Notification Shade:

Application Material Notification Shade, which comes to the status notifications Android Oreo “8.0” on any Android phone to another, so if you wish to experience it you load the app, in addition the application comes a plethora of customization on this center, to be a substitute for the color of the notifications of your Android device, and not only that, but this comes the benefits of gestures to Bother You with notifications customizable when you drag down, it is characteristic of the Applied Material Notification Shade other feature of the pioneer of the rapid, and collection notices automatically according to its class, and to postpone or ignore the notifications, and even there complete control in the colors of the center of notifications.

19. Spotify Lite:

Announced Spotify this year about the availability of the light version of their main application store Google Play, and at first glance seemed like the interface of Spotify Lite promising, being largely similar to the one the main app, also the app size came with a capacity of 15 MB, the size of the main application is 100 MB, however there are a few reasons to reduce the size by 85%, of which there is no advantage of operating without connection, and for some reason this feature is very what to make of these apps appear on the surface, where the full target is not save data, Another feature missing which is running the high quality, but this is understandable at least in the light of the objective, and not only that, where there is also the option of Spotify Connect, which allows sound to flow easily from the audio devices the Wireless is missing, also can’t for funded participants identify the songs of a certain run, the same behavior occurs within the playlists, and let you target the full of the app, is to come a size less than the size of the main application with the sacrifice benefits the most important.

20. Kiwi:


Depends this browser on a search engine Chromium 69, thanks to the performance of its own you can notice the speed of loading web pages, as there are blocking tool for advertising spam and ban pop-ups, as well as protection against Cryptojacking, there are more and advantage notification annoying and followers from the intrusion of your privacy, and acceptance automatic messages “our site uses cookies”, as well as you can with the browser Kiwi choose where you want the downloaded files, last but not least browser supports video playback and music in the lock screen State.

21. Moment:

When it announced the Google phone by the Pixel 2, there was talk about the maker of the lens Moment, then made the company’s name to Apple phones, and during the last two years expanded the production lines of the company to include some Android phones giant, the likes of the Galaxy Note 8 and 9 noted 8 and even all the generations pixels modern, and now the police enter my shop Google Play and Apple App Store from within the camera application.

Application of the Moment – Pro Camera which was designed to put all controls of a professional camera in hand easily without jamming on the user interface, where you can find the controls such as a DSLR in a small bar sits between the lens of the camera button and the shutter, so you can change the shutter speed, ISO, EV, Manual / Auto Focus, and White Balance with ease.

Also, the app includes the features of the camera added to the top of the screen, where there are buttons to share the overlay network, and the flash, timer delay, the exchange of RAW / JPEG, as well as a button at the end of the remote to choose the lens of the Moment, which will not change the output of your images but it will add the identification number to the metadata, in turn, the app is not free it is available at a price of 1.99$.

22. Pluvius:

Before all I would like to mention that the Pluvius is the application only works on rooted devices Root, and is best suited for devices that operate in Rome near of the Android system raw or Stock Android, on the other hand, this application solve all-in-one to use it in the center of customization in the Android Overlay Manager, and what’s great is that it will change the theme to your “theme” or time you change the background, so for there to be a match in color, therefore the application is considered Pluvius this without the need for manual steps or the use of multiple applications, It starts to work immediately and automatically when you change the background of the main screen, and the colors of the whole system including the colors of the color settings fast.

23. Khan Academy Kids:

Khan Academy is a non-profit organization to provide free education to the global level for any one and at any place, it is a way to help students develop skills and processes to succeed in school and beyond, it is known that the organization is not applying its own on Android and iOS and specifically for the students of schools and universities.

Today announced the region for the provision of their version of their application for kids Khan Academy Kids on Android only, as is the case with the main application, this version includes a free tutorial with thousands of activities, books that will be a source of inspiration of learning and discovery for young children.

24. Horizon Explorer:

The application of Horizon Explorer, which tells you how much distance between you and another object, or the distance between two points by the phone’s camera, therefore the way the application works via directing the phone’s camera towards like a hill or a lake or hanging in the horizon, and the application will do, where will give you distance and height, and some public data, as well as a map of the venue added links to Wikipedia for more, as the usefulness of the app is to be useful for hiking, and a way to explore your surroundings, Where to put your hands Model free three-dimensional can go with her to see behind hills or so exploring the terrain at any place.

25. Quick Reminders:

Quick Reminders

Quick Reminders is a simple application that allows you to add notes and reminders to your notifications persistent in the panel of notifications, drop down to your device Android, and you can even install these observations, and if you’re the type who tends their devices often, you should know that these observations can also be a theme to fit your style Current better.

On the other hand, also the app is light weight so not about the size of 1.5 mb, the of hand the possibility to use it is very simple, first create a title for the note and then hold it on the plate of notices, and from there you can write notes, with reference in case of phone restart will not be lost these notes or removed.

It supports the application of Quick Reminders remove, or modify or create a new note directly from the reminders of the rapid current, and share the text with any other application, and choose show status bar icon or not, it supports sending a text message from any other application, with the option to expand the reminders or reduced with less space.

26. Power Shade:

Power Shade

This is the most advanced application of Group applications involved in the field of it, in relation to the goal of this app, it says to change the degree or the notifications bar and make it lovely, according to your taste and your preferences, where its main feature full customization of the colors of the bar notice, and most of the management of these notifications so that you can read it or postponed or migrate and recall them later.

It also supports the application of the Power Shade feature to quick reply on Android 5.0 the latest, and not only that, but there is a feature compilation of notifications smartphone, which facilitates the process of control, we’re not done yet! Where have app themes “themes” inspired by the latest Android version 9.0, both themes lit or dark or colorful, and there are tools to choose the different color codes and the background of the Quick Settings panel, change the color of the scroll bar, choose a photo from the gallery of your photos to be displayed in the shade.

27. StoryZ Photo motion:

This app film developer team rich applications for the definition of “LightX Photo Editor and Photo Effects”, and just like any application another movie on the Play Store, you’ll be able to easily create static images, artful also contain some moving parts, there is also the aspect of social media to comment, so you can expect to get a lot of opportunities to share your photos and talk about the art of photography, and can work with the app whether beginner or expert, where the effects that it contains double the motion, double and wherever you find yourself where I go You Sky mind, Therefore the app includes easy to use tools and simple collection of moving images the default.

28. Moto Face Unlock:

If you have a Motorola phone this year, you already have the advantage of opening the face with the brand of Motorola in the settings, now there is a companion app in the Play Store to these phones, which is the application of Moto Face Unlock, so you’ll be able to update the app pre-installed on these phones quite easily.

In the same context there are no new features in the first release, although it corresponds to the application of Moto Face Unlock with devices like the Moto G6 and Z3 Play and Z3, used older phones like the Moto X4 a different system, apparently will unlock the face in your settings under “Security & location”, which will be the cancellation system lock is set on the camera, so will just put the framework for your face in the preview, and act the phone to look like.

29. Ava Lockscreen:

Ava Lockscreen‏12

With it you will get the best features of the lock screen currently available operating systems for Android and iOS, most notably the verification of the notifications and deal with them is extremely simple, as well as the scrolling “gesture” to get access to your favorite tools, as well as the process of customizing the style of notifications and the background and shortcuts.

Not only this, but there is a feature compilation of notifications, smart, and even feature direct reply from the lock screen, to get the best experience possible from the lock screen of your Android, as the app also supports lock screen via your fingerprint, of course, if your device supports this sensor, although there wasn’t the support you need to use PIN or pattern of the decree.

One of the features of the application Ava Lockscreen other, the support for animated backgrounds, backgrounds, live, and support to choose the theme “theme” that you like, there is a tool widget on the lock screen, unlike most of the other apps do not include app any permissions not related to the internet, so your data is reserved and very safe.

30. Insomnia:

If you previously used a Mac, or Linux system, you should be very familiar with the application of a small so-called Caffeine, it’s a useful tool to force the screen to stay at a rate to make the screen under continuous operation, so it is not surprising to see it on the Android system, and actually there are some options available on the Play Store, the application of the Insomnia is the latest among them.

Where the acronym Strong is a tool that allows users to force the device’s screen their own to stay for a longer period of the time limit currently, but without a change this time-out effectively, and if the screen is turned off manually be cancelled automatically.

In regards to screen timeout pre-defined, you have the app with several options, namely 1, 5, 10, 30 minutes or infinity, as well as having a custom setting to taste, and more importantly you are activating the app from the panel notices the rapid, without the need for the powers of the root, just download the application will be completely ready for work, finally the app is unfortunately not free, it’s available for purchase at the price of 0.99$.


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