Group II: selection of the technical world of the best Android apps to 2018

المجموعة الثانية: مختارات عالم التقنية لأفضل تطبيقات أندرويد لعام 2018

The completion of the offer for “selection of the technical world of the best Android apps to 2018”, which we started in their communities before the days of now, and to this day the second group, which in turn also annexed the 30 another application, and now let’s start by mentioning the applications:

The first group: selection of the technical world of the best Android apps to 2018

1. Transport water:ترانسفورم مي

Launched group fitness yards , specialized fitness and physical health this year, the developer version of the health program transfer of water on phones and smart devices, to assist users in the Arab region to change their lifestyle through diet and exercises suitable sports check them guaranteed results and scientific bases of Health purely was developed in collaboration with organizations, institutions and scientific world leader, to include this health app diet daily have in every home and a plan was trying to the level of your physical fitness requires developing the ability of your fat and shape your body.

2. Vimage:


Application vimage might be the first of its kind in the stores Google Play comes to options for the creation of Photographic Art “Cinema surgery | Cinemagraphs” of the smart phone, and costs more about this art is the art of combining photographic images fixed, video animation, in other words to integrate still images and high-quality format GIF with the movement of the film is simple in part of the small picture, making it vibrant.

This new app vimage comes with tools to make this art, where it currently owns a set of animated effects, including the effect of smoke effect fog effect animated clouds, etc., for example, imagine that you have a static image and you drink a cup of coffee, come to this photo in the app and add the effect of the smoke moving, so your image is fixed as a cup of coffee, or rather the top of a cup of coffee and be excited by smoke, isn’t it gorgeous!

3. Just a Line:

Apply Just a Line of the building mainly on the experience of augmented reality and Google’s new ARCore, where this new app will allow users of drawing three-dimensional in the air, the cries of a neat app and fun too, with no preparation, all you have to do is drawing with your finger on the screen of your phone, and you’ll notice the white lines on the screen, increasing that there are step must be introduced, namely freedom, where you say even though you move your phone and see then for in your phone screen Android, as the app supports videos of this technique and save them for later viewing, Comes apply Just a Line of the new kind of stickers en Pixel that uses virtual reality with the help of a camera phone.

4. Civilisations en:

Civilisations AR

The application of Civilisations EN which development British Broadcasting Corporation BBC, with regard to the possibility to take advantage of them, he cares about the presentation of art and culture historical in all over the world directly on the screen of the phone, and most importantly control display and artifacts with augmented reality AR, with this application possible you can explore the mysteries of ancient Egypt, explore the hidden layers beneath the masterpieces of the Renaissance, and learn more about the origin of these cultural treasures, these treasures are many examples of old mummy and the opposition in the Torquay Museum also sculptures of Henry Moore and Barbara Hepworth and masterpieces by Tintoretto and Bellini pace, Also all the artifacts in the United Kingdom.

5. IKEA Place

IKEA Place

The company announced Ikea “IKEA” this year about the availability of an augmented reality application our IKEA Place on the Android operating system, which was previously exclusively available on the other system and iOS, hence customers will be able to the company in the field of furniture of the participation of the catalog of the company’s products by AR “AR” and if appropriate in the office planned or not, on the other hand, the application provides you with three-dimensional models closer to the truth, with a wide range of products of the company “of more than 3000 products”, the Which will allow you to see what’s on your home before buying furniture.

6. Beacon :


The app allows you to share your location in real-time whether with family or with friends, and with instant alerts and follow movement, and in the case of stop motion will send the notice of immediate with a contact has been previously identified, and has the use of another, no less important than security, which is to know where the friends, in case there was a freeze earlier date.

7. Edge Action:

Edge Action

The application of Edge Action which gives you the ability to use your phone with one hand and by means of gestures, which will allow you to switch between your favorite apps and contacts tools fast and other things via the side bar on the screen of your Android phone, just as an idea, the tape on the Galaxy S 9 edge, this includes the terms of your apps use the most which will give you faster access than you can imagine, as well as view your favorite contacts, shortcuts messaging via SMS, mail or even messaging apps are known, that includes more tools other.

8. Cache Cleaner Super:

Cache Cleaner Super

For this app it does exactly what is advertised, and most importantly the way he did, unlike the default way, where it says Clear cache in batch with one click, for example, when you browse the web the browser saves the image files as hidden, and create these files automatically, once out of the browser become these files are not useful.

More importantly, they reflect negatively on the performance and speed of the phone as a whole, not to mention the included storage space, you’re not ready, so the next time t find your phone slow, you know what to do, finally reminds you of App Cache Cleaner Super the process of scanning files every 6 hours.

9. Radiogram :


Application of the Radiogram one of the latest applications of radio and radio of the Android operating system, which lets you this application from its interface Assembly to listen to any radio station from all over the world, it also supports to facilitate the search process by identifying the type of terminal category, or search by typing the name of it, there are feature suggestions for related products, as well as the support of his profit with the Chromecast, and similar to most apps radio and music broadcast, the application supports control path the key from the lock screen.

10. Taskade:


In respect of the costs of this application, it seeks to make lists of items, ideas and more randomness to come, providing you as a user the characteristics of the rapid engagement as well as features of the built-in chat and set up a multiple selection, so you can create your own group, as well as having the tools to participate to be able to invite others to engage in Group, partner to have the app installed they have, and shopping either via your email account or through your social accounts “Facebook, Twitter, Google”, and after the composition of the Working Group, everyone will be able to make adjustments and even add new elements, There are tools to help as a tool of classification to facilitate the search process, and live chat, whether text or conversation.

11. Horizon Explorer:

The application of Horizon Explorer which reflects very briefly on that, an application to measure distances between you and an object by directing the camera, and of course the application can be very useful for hiking, and of course it would be a fun way to explore your surroundings by checking the status of geographical you have, the application includes the map move according to the camera, very simply and cross-platform ARCore you can remove the content of the real camera and replace it on the map and find the distance with great accuracy, see the video below to learn useful and fun application for you as a user.

12. Lockdown Mode from Android P:

Lockdown Mode from Android P

On the Android OS 9.0 there is a feature that locks the full Lockdown or what allows the development of insurance, which is a feature that was developed by the Options button of the lock, and specifically down option to turn off or restart the phone, this feature has been launched on the application form carries the name of Lockdown Mode from Android P is available for any Android phone, where interested in the one is sure not to enable any person of access to data by locking the device and all the tools other insurance including PIN code and fingerprint finger fingerprint face.

13. Grasshopper:


The team announced the work Area 120, a subsidiary of Google app is the new Grasshopper which can be for Android users and iOS learn the basics of programming in an entertaining way and very simple and most importantly free and full, and it was this group of stations prior to useful applications such as Uptime to watch YouTube videos simultaneously with friends in other places of the world, and Supersonic is a messaging app for lovers of emoji.

Generally in respect of the application of Grasshopper is designed appropriately and for anyone wishing to learn programming, and currently involves three sets of lessons, which cover the basics of programming including, and Calling Functions and Using Variables and Using Objects etc., in addition to animation, and enable his idea to give him a few minutes a day, or getting notifications to start updates daily.

14. Changes:


If you’re one of the great teachers running Android, this app Changes will serve you much, where as is well known, the existence of periodic updates for applications that you usually install from the Play Store, and the app page own from this store, is displayed to record the new changes, on the other hand when it comes to apps people are asking some of their updates through the server, it includes the registered changes any information about the new additions.

To come the role of the application Changes in a change log of any update, and most importantly the historical changes with each new release, and this of course pays to compare the updates of the initial and final, as well as learn new in the app and experience the new features and information, as the app supports customization through the selection Theo dark or skin of normal, with the option to search for apps.

15. Assist Me:

Assist Me

If you are a user Assistant Google much application Assist Me you’ll love it too, where it is known to implement this plugin must be of the push-button Hom main and lengthy, but this app wants you of this fact, and through the establishment of the test subject to touch the screen to Assistant Google, and therefore maintains eligibility button Hom main and of the process of access to the Assistant Google.

16. ES Disk Analyzer:

ES Disk Analyzer

The application of ES Disk Analyzer and exclusively on the Android platform, be a great solution and manage the storage space, which provides an easy way to find files and unwanted, a review of empty files and large files, and more other functions such as compression tool audio tool for cleaning the phone in a very organized way.

In relation with image compression, there are two options for Lossless and Lossy you can choose one of them for video compression, as a tool to search for large files, causing the app to list all files of size 10 MB and more, with the possibility of administrating of the operations of delete, copy ,,etc.

As well as the option to find out which files consume the largest volume of space internal phone storage, and even space for external memory card SD, as is the case with all his tools it supports external memory card, not only where it comes with a monitor application the battery, you know any application that step of The your device battery.

17. Keepsafe VPN:

In respect of the application, he is coming to protect your privacy and secure yourself from the attempts of tracking piracy from the internet connection, specifically when connecting to public WiFi, as is the case with the application of a VPN reliable, and with this app will hide your real location, and most importantly unlike other VPN apps the application Keepsafe VPN doesn’t keep any records.

Further advantages are that it is fast where its activation takes only one click, as well as ease of use, which by the way is smooth and works in the background, and with this app you will get a securely encrypted WiFi networks you browse through internet safely with the utmost integrity possible, even in the internet connections of public and non-secured, secures Keepsafe VPN connection your phone running Android to the internet when you browse from any network.

Can also use Keepsafe VPN with up to 10 devices, is there any restrictions or extra fees on the number of secure connections to the internet which is conducted by the person, or where data are limited there is no any limits of the data flow, as and Keepsafe VPN getting you underwritten automatically once you connect to the internet through the Wifi hotspot is not considered a secure network so you won’t need to remember to run the application الـVPN every time or check your speed, without it the app is available for free and full for 7 days, and then you have a monthly subscription for $ 9.99.

18. Monkey:

Monkey 1

Generally the application of Monkey new to the store Google Play, and the old on the Apple Store app store, where you acquired this application popular among users of the last system, because of the idea coming to him, and chat with random people where you can engage in discussion with users of the app, and the conversation here for 15 seconds, after this time you can decide to continue the discussion and move forward or move to a random user to another, and so on.

Also comes the benefits of chat written with support for icons, emoji, stickers, and of course the app different from messaging apps Visual other which is completely similar to that for regular calls, to app this idea is funky and unique.

19. Audiobook Reader:

First of all the app development blog Goodereader which is number one for the best blogs and e-reading on the web, and the reason for its accuracy is that it uses the Technical Assistant to the Alexa personal Amazon, so that it can also provide a tool to read sound more natural, without it also supports the application of the most important coordination and traded the likes of “EPUB, MOBI, PRC, FB2 and PDF” as well as support for 28 languages are:

“Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Icelandic, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese (Brazilian), Portuguese (European), Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Spanish (Latin American), Swedish, Turkish, Welsh”, as there are 12 voice female and a male can use her to hear one of these sounds, the application of the Audiobook Reader is the first application in Android and in the world to abandon the standard text for dog lovers and uses Amazon Polly, which builds upon the assistant Alexa.

20. OnePlus Gestures:

OnePlus Gestures

This app puts you gestures “assists” phone iPhone X, and even Android system P associated with, instead of pressing the physical buttons can use this app via the slider on the screen either down or up or right and even valid and other areas, to be app is very important for owners of phones with big screens, making is easier to use and across one hand, for example, with the app scrolling or customize the open Assistant Google, or refer to the rear or moving directly to the main page, or even open the notices and move on to the latest application has been closed, And a lot of other things, and finally, regrettably, is not free and is available for download at a price of 1.5$.

21. HockeyApp:


After more than two years of takeover Microsoft to buy HockeyApp specialized in matters of software development and analysis and reports about stop applications on mobile devices, and finally the company released a client HockeyApp’s official operating system of Android, generally will enable the app testers have access to beta versions of Android apps to come, and then log in with your HockeyApp, you will see a list of the program preview that has been shared with you by the developers of the applications, including special versions systems other commodities, will also be available versions that have been created for Android to download, you will be able to read any notes for the issuance of construction later, Just as TestFlight but it’s not just for iOS.

22. Perfect Messenger :

Perfect Messenger

One of the messaging apps New, where this app comes with options is very extensive, most notably its support for voice conversations, send messages, photos, videos and documents, with support for sending files of big size, such as to send a video sized 1 GB, and most importantly great speed in the process of transmission, and don’t stand up to this limit, where an application of the Perfect Messenger, encrypted, encryption, full no hand can intercept or steal the letters, as well as support for many languages, most notably Arabic, and support customizable via identify argument line or through themes, colors, Also there is support for the creation sets up group to 5000 members, and even the creation of the channel completely seem.

23. April Coloring:

April Coloring

In relation to advantages, there are more than 120 plate treadmill ready for the fact the colors of the huge, included landmarks coloring is smooth, and a large number of the step the high-quality hinges, with a unique experience, allowing you to open more images, as there are Button direct participation of the product page and coloring on different social networks, and when looking at the colors next to him they are more like natural colours, this feature miss the app from the other, and finally April Coloring is available to download for free and in full, that this version contains ads, To get rid of them you have to buy the app once for the price of 0.99$.

24. Cookline:

Medical the cockle vary or “Cookline” in English, one of the new applications in this area and for free on both Android and iOS, in short extreme is a social network to share food recipes, and that means every user account on the app can not create a personal profile and start to introduce his recipes to other users, at the same time, visitors can log on to any recipe and apply it on the ground.

For its part, also comes the application of Cookline with tools to customize and help too, and together you can determine the filter fits your style to get pictures of beautiful food, here recipe before posting it and refer no and edit, and most importantly the possibility of filming a short video and integrate it to display the best shots of access, there is an option to distinguish between the cooks where each profile you will notice a white hat.

With the passage of time and increasing the stores and increasing access to and even evaluations and other factors, will change the color of this hat, for example, the hat in white used to cook the yellow are the chief cooks, then in red they are at the level of assistant chef and finally the Black color they are especially the head chef.

25. NearMinder:

NearMinder is a reminder of the innovative new uses of the site as the basis functions, this way you can set up reminders that will be there when you arrive to a specific location, and if that wasn’t enough you can with application also check the position of other users and display it, that way you can follow your money and to make informed decisions and.

Therefore this is the first app of its kind that way, allowing you to select and receive reminders based on the proximity of names and locations, making your life as a user to the easier to do things during the war and development, there is no need anymore to do list or set alerts.

26. Steam Link:

Steam Link

In relation to the application it allows to broadcast games from your computer on your Android device or iOS device, once you install it you must pair it to a computer works on the local network (maybe you will need to install a program or two), after that you can play PC games from your Android device directly, in terms of features the application supports the quality of even 4K, as well as support for Controller Steam Link or any other controllers compatible with Android, so the app is compatible with Android TV devices Chromebook.

27. Briar:


The application of Briar and is currently on Android only, is one of the messaging apps your safe, too, in respect to the application and its advantages it differs from the rest of the applications in the field of it, being designed for safe between two parties through sync via the Tor network, and even if you are not able to access the internet, you can still use the app to talk with friends by syncing via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi network, therefore the application of Briar does not depend on a central server, but is synchronized messages directly between users ‘ computers, and has advantages the other does not support it to take a screen shot of any correspondent, As well as add contacts by scanning codes of QR.

28. Neverthink:

Application Neverthink available earlier on the iOS and divorced recently Store Google Play, the app is currently the most flexible in its submission the experience of watching video over the internet, and its content be from various sources, most notably YouTube and Reddit, to compile the videos in the channels are non-negotiable, the result is an experience similar to a large extent with the TV, and app developers “believe that the main reason that makes people watching video clips online is just because they want some distraction, so after the exhausting work or on the go viewing or to persons who are not necessarily watch something specific, and for these times we have created Neverthink”.

With the app you’ll find any type of channels, starting with sports, music and arts to news and documentaries, technology, along you’ll find the addresses of the more obscure channels such as “YOLO” and “Learn something” and “Futurism”, however the application tries to the TV dramatically, so that there are no controls to let you skip the video or restart it, which means that the only explanation that is provided is a breathing mask.

29. FitMenCook:

This app offers you recipes free healthy, practical and keep your health & fitness, and let’s be honest some thing about the subject of healthy eating, with frequent complaints of it from several aspects, most notably that it is expensive, as it takes a long time, but with the application of FitMenCook and tools that will change your mind completely.

Where the application is in the preparation of recipes on the plains and At Reasonable Prices, as well as the imperative to make access to vital and tastes great, and most importantly prepare the food yourself, and then all these things will help you achieve your fitness goals.

We bring what is within in the app, where you put FitMenCook towards 445 the recipe is completely healthy, either in regard to the manner of preparation is follow the step-by-step and cross-check the visual “video”, and of course there is Reviews main, meal breakfast, lunch and dinner, and even search engine through search such as for a high-protein, or even search by ingredient or type one of the ingredients.

30. Material Gallery:

Finally apply the Material Gallery is one of the projects Google New available on both Android and iOS as well as web, the aim of this app or a service to help designers to organize their projects to be a collaborative tool, and of course this cooperation is centred on the contemporary language of Material Design and private to Google, it is known that this language has become the key to all Google services and most of the apps either on smart phones or on the desktop, generally according to Google this application will be place to design projects so that the team can work to cooperate with, the With the possibility of inviting any number of people to review the designs and taking the tips, which can be in the form of screen shots or sketches or working sessions at the blackboard.


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