Group integrated technology (ITG) involved in the summit, Ministerial and official innovation

For the sixth time, respectively, involved theA group integrated forPConly. (ITG) in the conference Summit and ministerial official of the innovations in the field of information and communication technology in education and integration of digital “MENA Innovation 2018”, which will be held this year in Egypt from 29-31 July.

Where the JCTwith ministers and senior government officials and professionals from various universities from all over the Middle East and North Africa and African countries in this conference in one place.

Can group integrated technology (ITG) Mr. Osama Abaza, Director of the Department of business development and Director of Regional Sales for the company, Mr. Islam Sri to share the benefits and experiences that you know the solutions of the company such as solutions educational solutions to institutions and governments which othelped theMinistry of Education andtheschools primaryare secondaryareuniversities, government institutions and institutions to become more efficient, effective and productive.

Also gonna watch thegroup integrated technology (ITG) In this conferencefor giving the perfect opportunity to introduce the latest version of its platform award-winning toJM E – ®EduWave andcurrently serving more than fifteen million users , more than fifty thousand educational institution and applied also to the scope of the International in the threearecountries in the world, which integrate learning management system (LMS), student information system (SIS) Communication and collaboration (CC) as the best solution to tutorial editable and high-quality cloud-based electronic Middle East and North Africa, and various countries in Africa.

Moreover, the Content Development Business Group the integrated tototechnology (ITG) solutions, the company’s ERP, the government and theinstitutions ®WaveGRP and ®WaveERP and comprehensive solutions for document management and archiving ®WaveDMS as a dessert to enhance the efficiency of the work of the various ministries.

Andduring the meetings of theconference held by thecompany with the various Ministers of the Middle East and North Africa and African countries, said Mr. Abaza, the Director of the Department of business development said: “the participation of the group integrated tototechnology (ITG) In thisthey are theConference of theimportant fall within the strategic development of the business of the company does notdiscover new markets and sharethe experience of the company that the convergence of the thirtiethyears of enjoyment to offer its solutionsare educational, differentandother solutions forgovernments andinstitutions with different countries all over the world, which will create an ecosystem to accelerate the educational process , innovation and efficiency,SamT.createdalso community enjoylearningJA M E distinct.

Andworth noting that the group-integrated technologies (ITG) was founded in 1989 and is one of the leading companies in the information technology sector is globally characterized by providing innovative technology solutions and high quality that enable local communities and institutions to increase their efficiency and raise their productivity and increase their profits.

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