Group video calls begin to appear on the Google application duo

مهرجان الجوال في سوق السعودية

مكالمات الفيديو الجماعية تبدأ في الظهور على تطبيق جوجل ديوGroup video calls begin to emerge on the application of the Google Duo

Use Google in the development of the application video calls and voice calls its own, day after day, and today we have news of a new : group video calls begin to appear on the Google application duo.

And Google launched an application (DEO) to be applied (Wi) in the summer of 2016 , but the first didn’t work to find yourself ahead in the application market communication instant, and by Google to be in the beginning of this year.

Go back to the Gmail application duo, which started today in Send feature calls video garden 4 people, including the owner of the call, according to what I know the account on Indonesia on Twitter.

Processing of Ramadan in the Saudi Arabia market

The new update is available up to the moment of this writing in Indonesia only, but it is expected to spread to the rest of the state during the next few days.

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