Groups and channels there contain now a new tool for the referendum several advantages

مجموعات وقنوات تيليغرام تحوي الآن أداة جديدة للاستفتاء بعدة مزايا

Launched there a new update for their application on the smart phone brought with it the tool of the referendum voting ad hoc groups of products divided into groups and channels, so that they can now poll the opinion of the participants about a particular issue by asking a question and attach it to several options, as is the case in a way a referendum Twitter.

It will be a tool of the referendum will be available for groups that have 100,000 members or channels containing millions of users, it can be the official group or channel install the the referendum in the top for a while, as that the participants can re-send it to others.

You say there that any vote of the participants will be confidential, in the sense that it can not know the persons voting on a specific topic so as to improve user privacy, but at the same time talked about the possibility of bringing another tool by which to clarify the voters – noting that it will continue to this time.

On the other hand, the term add a search feature to find pictures and videos with ease in its application on iOS.

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