Groups in WhatsApp and receive more new features to enhance understanding


Representing communities an important part of the WhatsApp because it is used by families and friends to stay in touch with each other and even by the action teams to complete the work. And you WhatsApp the importance of communities, which is why the company announced the new features of this part of the application. It includes some new features and better control for supervisors, research participants, collect the group, and more.

Containing groups on the description, called the protection against short under the group information where the administrator can set the purpose and the instructions and topics for this group. Will show this description At the top of the chat when you join a new person to the group. Allow the new settings now for the staff to restrict who can change the group icon and subject and description.

There is also a feature that will enable users who are out of chat to catch up quickly with messages that were referring to them or reply to them by clicking on the button “ @ new” in the bottom right corner of the chat. Using the feature ” joint Participant“, users can find any person in the group by searching for it in the information page.

Are now available additional protection to users also so that they can not be added repeatedly to the communities that they left. All of these features are now available to WhatsApp users on platforms Android and iOS.



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