Growing fears the British, German, from China’s Huawei

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تزايد المخاوف البريطانية والألمانية من هواوي الصينية

Warned the Cyber Security Agency of the British they still have the “risk technique” on the company Huawei , after the invitation of the U.S. increasing its allies to prevent China telecom giant’s controversial deployment of technology to its network, amid fears of espionage, has responded to the National Center for e-mail in the United Kingdom NCSC, an agency cyber defense in the United Kingdom and part of the British intelligence agency known as government communications headquarters GCHQ, after New Zealand became the latest state to prohibit Huawei in relation to the next generation of communications network 5G.

A spokesman said the NCSC: “if we have concerns about a range of technical issues have been identified, the agency improvements should Huawei do,” the United Kingdom has agreed to work with Huawei, even after indicating that security services of America noted that the Chinese company posed a potential danger to National Security, denied the company Huawei has repeatedly such allegations, which are exacerbated by the close links to its founder with the Chinese army.

The Ministry of affairs of digital, cultural and front and sports in the United Kingdom DCMS review of the future of networks of the United Kingdom, and is expected to be completed in the spring, has been pressing the security officials of the British and the Germans on this issue by the security officials of the Americans who visited Europe to urge the allied governments to secure their networks and supply chains with the start of the deployment technology of the fifth generation.

British officials said that American envoys urged the United Kingdom to secure their networks at a time when the U.S. pressure in order to provide safeguards against Huawei, and the United Kingdom for a series of auctions for the 5G which will lead to the deployment of new services high-speed mobile phone, is expected to be Huawei a major player.

And to Huawei they at least price among other service providers, payment security officials Americans their European counterparts to stay away from Huawei. He told a German official: “we’ve increased the influence of the United States is a multiplier for this in recent times,” stated the annual report issued in July by the oversight board, which was found to monitor the communication equipment of Huawei in the UK that there are some “deficiencies critical” in some libraries.

It includes the National Centre of cyber security in the United Kingdom on a special department with officials from the Chinese company to monitor its equipment in the United Kingdom, commonly known as “The Cell”, in addition to the supervising official under the chairmanship of the Martin Ciaran Martin, CEO of the Center for NCSC, the report said that there was a “discovery of frequent deficiencies in critical practices and processes and engineering that lead to increased long-term risk in the UK“.

Raised the FBI in the United States and other security forces repeatedly risk on the links of Huawei Beijing, said New Zealand this week, she’s banned participation of Huawei in the IT infrastructure of the fifth generation, although ministers said on Thursday that this is due to the technical concerns more than just about the dangers of trade, the minister of security, New Zealand Andrew Little Andrew Little said there was no “interference” from the United States to block Huawei.

Explained Robert Pritchard Robert Pritchard, a former adviser to the government in the field of cyber security, the UK began to ascend from the assurances that they want from the company Huawei, said: “given how it became the equipment of Huawei is integrated with the networks of the UK currently, it seems unlikely to see any sort of explicit ban”, although there may be restrictions on the use on the networks of the fifth generation New”.

A spokesman for Huawei said that the report of the Supervisory Board issued in July, “I report identified some areas for improvement in our operations engineering. We are grateful to these observations we affirm our commitment to addressing these issues. Remain online security is a top priority for Huawei, and will continue to work actively on the improvement of processes engineering and risk management systems”, and the British government invested 1.9 billion pounds on Cyber Security between the years 2016 and 2021.

The gate Arab News technique of growing concerns of the British, German, from China’s Huawei

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