Growth in the number of subscribers of Netflix to 139 billion globally and rising its revenues by 27%

نمو عدد مشتركي نتفليكس إلى 139 مليون عالميًا وارتفاع إيراداتها بنسبة 27%

The network announced Netflix for the latest numbers of participants and revenues, which showed a growth in the number of participants to approximately 139 million in various regions around the world, as it reached its revenue in the last three months of the year 2018 to around 4.19 million.

And has Netflix increased the number of its subscribers by about 8.84 million during the last quarter, bringing the total number to 139 million, the announcement comes after the network’s decision to raise the value of their contributions in the beginning of the United States two days ago.

Have contributed to increasing the numbers of participants in the service the arrival of the revenue to 4.19 million, up 27% from the previous, as the resulting higher profits by 30% per share.

On the other hand, Netflix announced for the first time about some of the internal numbers for the number of viewers, views, and movies and series and special programs. Having said that there are 80 million subscribers watched the Bird Box a record, for example, the network estimates the number of users by comparing the number of accounts that saw more than 70% of the Total Film.

The most interesting thing from the network, is her talk about owning 10% of the times the people that are spending on television in the United States, where they offer more than 100 million hours a day on television users in the United States, possess a lower percentage for smart phones especially since most of the calculations work on the TV.

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