Guaranteed ways to lock the screen when the women in Android phone

Of the most difficult moments that might make us go crazy is to forget the lock screen that we have developed in order to protect our phone from getting to him by volunteers. It is therefore necessary to look into guaranteed ways to lock the screen when the version in the Android phone.

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Resort in many cases to protect our phone lock by Mina anyone else other than use the phone, access to data, which carry with them a lot of privacy which must be protected and to prevent anyone else from Evolution. Types of lock that we use to use which provides us the phone is pattern pattern, or a password composed of numbers and letters keep her ourselves, but also is the moment that comes which we might have forgotten this word.

Since you are browsing this article it means you are facing the problem of forgetting to lock the screen certainly, has arrived here after many attempts and persistent to break this lock and the phone as the previous, without any availability for this lock, so we would like to let you know that you have arrived to the right place for it.

Continued with us this tried and tested methods that will help you certainly in plan to lock the screen key and access to the phone and dealing with all your apps and files.

Ways to skip the lock screen on the Android phone in a state of limbo

These ways that we will you are guaranteed ways to has a lot of users by its experience has succeeded with them certainly because they are ways not to improve any of the alliance or the illegal ways to bypass this lock when forgotten

  • Use the feature “Find My Device” through the Google website

استخدام خاصية "العثور على جهازي" من خلال موقع جوجل

Available in most phones that run Android OS special property which is calledFind my device , which is provided by company Google Developer System, Android, can rely on this feature as a ploy to lock the screen in a state of limbo. That’s where the main goal of this service is to find the location of the device in case of theft, as well as there is another feature which is lock the screen in case you forget it.

You must ensure that it has been activated this feature in the device before, if this feature was activated go to Google’s website which is available in this property which is found on the device is to be only as soon as you log in to the site to say Enter Email Gmail tethered to that phone, and then show us that mobile, turn we to the choice to Lock or lock in location, then I save it and put a new password chosen by God to be the alternative word that was forgotten, so we may skip this problem.

The link to the website

  • Use the service find my phone Samsung

استخدام خدمة العثور على هاتفي من سامسونج

Provide Samsung special property, like those that mentioned it in the first step for Google, which also feature Find my mobile. So if your phone which was forgotten screen lock is of the type Samsung don’t have to worry because the company will help also in planning this lock completely, so once you log in to the site for this service, then just enter the email of Samsung registered in your phone, and then do through this site to set a new lock to the company of your choice, or even remove this lock on your device.

The link to the website

  • The use of a property forget the cash in the phone

استخدام خاصية نسيان النقش في الهاتف

If your phone is running Android 4.4 and less than that this method will be quite successful with you, after forgetting about that lock your company, we try many times until you show us a message that he must wait 30 seconds to find the option next, and then choose the option to enter the account information in Google, we enter the account and password that is registered in the phone originally, this became possible to put a new inscription is not the former and this problem with ease.

  • Mode use Safe mode to lock the screen

استخدام وضع Safe mode لتخطي قفل الشاشة

Is one of the options that will undoubtedly skip the lock screen and access to phone in case you used one of the lock apps screen, where it as soon as you enter into the Protection Mode Safe mode by pressing the button fallow length will show us the list of your energy in phone, free we for the choice to stop operating long before the advent of us a message asking to enter in the Safe mode and thus the device will reboot, once you do this it will disable the application lock screen that we’re using, Thus we will be able to delete the app or disable it and thus skip the lock screen Screen lock.

  • Reset Factory phone

اعادة ضبط مصنع للهاتف

Undoubtedly is one of the ways that doesn’t like them many of you, due to the process of re-tuning the factory will lead to the loss of all the files in the phone and not the survival of any file or application or something, but the process of planning to lock the screen when oblivion this way would be guaranteed by a 1000% and this is due to that the phone will as it was clearly his core from the inside when you buy the phone. If you’ve tried the previous methods but not the implementation of with you of one of those roads it’s okay to resort to this option as a last resort.


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