Guide Binance reported an attack on a platform Futures. But it was not

CEO Binance Chanpen Zhao hastened to assure users of the exchange that the situation with the new platform Binance Futures under full control. According to the first tweets, the site was under attack by an unknown market maker — that is a major player. The case also featured an unnamed service for trading futures on Bitcoin.

Who benefits from problem with Binance?

Anonymous used the depth of orders for Futures Binance to dramatically lower the price of the futures 10 324 024 to 10 dollars in a matter of moments.

A market maker with a small exchange for futures attempted to attack the platform Binance. Liquidation of positions one is not caught, because we use prices indexes (not the futures price) for the automatic elimination (this is our innovation). Only the attacker lost money, that’s all.

It is noteworthy that the market-maker allegedly belongs to one of the accounts on Binance, and he launched his own platform for trading futures a few months ago. While Binance came under attack for the second time.

It was their second attempt to attack. Shame!

A little later, the problem seems clearer. It turned out that the collapse of futures prices was not created intentionally due to an unfortunate technical error on the client side. Zhao chose not to disclose the name of individuals involved in the incident. According to the head of the exchange, nothing happened, and traders do not have to worry about little things.

By the way, the subscribers, the message is not appreciated. As noted a user under the nickname BenjaminBlunts, you first need to get in touch with the client, and already then something to blame him and talk about shame.

The other users replied that this is the Internet. Here everyone can do whatever they want. Moreover, without legal consequences.

Earlier, the exchange held a competition with voting for the best execution platform Binance Futures. In the end, the company launched both versions of the platform, which was tested by users.

In may of this year Binance was under attack, in which attackers managed to steal bitcoin 7074. Fortunately, the hacking, almost no impact on the reputation of the exchange, and after a few days, she continued to work as usual.

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