H Apple’s new bigger screen and different design from its predecessors

ساعة آبل الجديدة بشاشة أكبر وتصميم مختلف عن سابقاتها

The Apple watch Edition fourth share of leaks, according to 5To9Mac the new arena coming on the opposite of the previous ones with bigger screen and more what distinguishes its lack of dialogue, as rumored previously on the work of the Apple to increase the size of H by 15% which was confirmed by the website for Show enlargement of the company at the expense of reduction of its edges.

And enjoy the previous lack of dialogue, which shows its more new and attractive not provided on the data display better than the previous version, and shows the new face of speed fit on a number of complex elements distributed in their background and each of which shows certain data, which may mean the design of the Apple TV for a number of the duties of the former in accordance with the size of its new, according to the press also show the slot in the side of the former, which appear to be dedicated to the microphone, and the seventh on the crown of my number on the same side next to the hole, which adds the modification of concrete with side button for appears distinctly different from the previous version.

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