Hack into Facebook last contains 3 million account European

إختراق فيسبوك الأخير يحوي 3 ملايين حساب أوروبي

Asked the Data Protection Commissioner, the Irish responsible for the files Facebook for the purposes of the data protection clarification of the last on the extent of the affected residents of the European Union and their number in earlier start of emergence of the incident, to report to CNBC that 3 million European citizen has long been the hack Process Latest their accounts according to the statements of UNHCR last Tuesday, adding that Facebook stand the test of actual inevitably of privacy law of the European Union.

Where the new law provides for the imposition of large fines on companies that prove to help in dealing with the data users and shorten it in the protection measures as required, in up the value of penalty 4% of the value of the company’s annual income in case of non-reporting on the hack within 74 hours, to such fine in the case of Facebook, to 1.63 million, according to the law in the case of condemnation, which is what we talked about in our report with the beginning of the month.

In the update of the social network around the topic, he said that the hack Long 29 million instead of the $ 50 million announced in last September, where he explained that the kidnappers arrived the personal information of affected users, which included data communication such as e-mail, phone number, and place of birth and places of work.

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