Hacked a database of bookings for 500 million people in the chain of Marriott hotels

اختراق قاعدة بيانات الحجوزات لـ 500 مليون شخص في سلسلة فنادق ماريوت

The company announced Marriott global beautiful day on the penetration of a long database the bookings of their guests, and the guests are in a period of time extending from the year 2014 in terms of longer penetrations access to more than 500 million people, the company explained in its statement about the subject that she was on the ninth of September it was alerted of the unauthorized operation to access the database some of the network of hotels where they revealed the investigation following this incident and the arrival of non-project data to bookings in the chain of resorts and hotels, the affiliate of Starwood.

The information included the inventor of a mixture 0 contains the name, address, email and phone number as well as number of the passport fund and mail to 327 million guests, including the guest favorite known for SPG where they revealed their account information as well as the date of booking, time of arrival and departure, date of birth, inmates in other the access numbers to their credit card and date of validity as reported in the company’s statement.

She told Mario that she will inform persons who may know the information of a hacked email from today as well as to set up its call center and the particular location to answer questions of guests regarding their information inventor with a free subscription for a year to its guests in Canada and the United States development program from hack and download WebWatcher.

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