Hacked cold storage Trade.io. Hackers stole 7.8 million dollars

According to the information security of the Swiss stock exchange Trade.io, the platform promised to attack on Sunday. It was about the wallet that was supposedly safely protected and stored tokens TIO. In the end, the vault of the exchange is still broke, cleaned out startup 7.8 million dollars. How? No one can understand.

During the investigation, the Swiss startup has drawn attention to the rapid growth of transactions with TIO on cryptomeria Bancor and Kucoin. Surprised this questionable trading activity, security group Trade.io warned of the above-mentioned exchange about the need to stop the input and output tokens TIO. While Kucoin, Bancor and Trade.io worked on the suspension of trading, experts on cyber security of the trading platforms have detected unauthorized access to the vault with $ 50 million, TIO, equivalent to 7.8 million dollars.

At the time of finding holes in the security Trade.bidding on io TIO was suspended until further notice, and Aldon excluded from the listings Bancor and Kucoin. Also suspended input and output means until, until it becomes clear what happened actually.

The unprecedented break-in cold storage

Although today the hacks of exchanges happen quite often, it is worth noting that the cold store prior to this, almost did not hacked. This will put a serious doubt on the “safety” Trade.io, as the penetration of cold storage – alarming bell.

It is noteworthy that a day after the hacking and theft price of the token to the TIO fell by only half a percent. This may indicate that the news, by some miracle, I passed most news resources and cryptocurrency investors.

Information prepared in Ethereumworldnews. For more information go to cryptcat of hontarov.

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